Yukon – How to Play and Master This Solitaire Game?


Yukon is a classic Solitaire game that never fails to put its players on edge. It’s notably synonymous to Klondike in many aspects. However, it has some unique features which you’ll be delighted to find out later. Anyway, if you’re planning to spend your free time with Yukon, it’s a must to know the basics. Once you’re done, you can level up to mastering your skills.

So, are you all set to play Solitaire and be a Yukon expert? Then, let’s get this path started!

Introduction to Yukon

Have you ever played Solitaire online? How about Klondike or Scorpion? If you’re well-versed in both of them, it’ll be easy for you to grasp the inner workings of Yukon. It has the same layout as that of Klondike’s. If this has been your personal favorite for a long time, you’ll feel at home while playing Yukon. Similar to others, it also requires a pack of 52 playing cards of 4 suits that is divided into 7 tableau piles. The number of cards in each pile increases from the left to the right. The top card in each pile is face up. However, this free Solitaire game doesn’t involve a stock pile, so all the cards will be divided into the columns in the beginning.

Main Objective of Yukon

On the top or right side, you’ll see four spaces that are waiting to be filled. This section is known as the foundations where you’ll place the piles building a sequence of cards of the same suit. Actually, you are in charge as to where to put the foundations if you will not play Solitaire online but choose to challenge yourself with real cards.

Speaking of the entire process, it’s quite simple. For instance, you have an ace of diamonds on the tableau. You should move this up to the foundations. Then, place another card upon it which is the two of diamonds, three of diamonds, and so on and so forth. The same thing must be done with the other suits. Every suit must have its total 13 ranks. If you can transfer all these cards successfully, you’ll own your victory!

Exceptions of Yukon

Will your move be valid if you pile up cards even when they’re not in order? By all means, yes. Unlike other variants of Solitaire, this game allows you to move cards even when they’re not in the right sequence. It’s not against the rules to do that. However, you have two things to keep in mind. The cards must not have the same color. So, it should be alternating, from black to red or vice versa. Plus, what you should place on top of another card must be one rank lower.


Ways to Have a Strategic Gameplay

Hold your horses in moving cards to the foundations. Try to do your moves on the tableau first. In Yukon, you should proceed more carefully as you advance. What you thought was a great move could well just be a trap set for you. And whenever possible, replace the aces. You can then slowly build up your piles of cards.


Solitaire card games are so diverse, so why the Yukon variation gets so much attention? First of all, it’s a mix of familiarity and uniqueness. It welcomes unconventional rules while retaining some usual aspects. Furthermore, it’s among the versions of Solitaire online that is easy to understand and master. And now, knowing the tips to apply when playing, it will be even simpler for you!

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