XNSPY Parental Monitoring App Review

Our dependency on the internet has increased with a drastic number of users since the last decade. Kids have played a big part in this increasing number as well.

Our dependency on the internet has increased with a drastic number of users since the last decade. Kids have played a big part in this increasing number as well. And the number of users who can access the internet is growing every day. According to the recorded number, children aged between 12 and 15 would miss their mobile phones the most when they are out. 83% of their smartphones and 55% of them have their tablets for internet use. 99% of them use the internet for 21 hours per week, and that’s a lot of time. And 74% of them have social media profiles of their own. It means that our next generation already has access to the online world.

But unfortunately, the internet is a platform that holds an excessive amount of harmful content for kids, such as abusive language, offensive videos, uncensored violent content, sexual imagery, and much more. They can access all of this age-inappropriate content without any difficulty. Even the child-safe programs offered by many sites are not always safe for the kids. Many parents complain that some videos on YouTube Kids contain inappropriate content for the kids.

Moreover, kids can get themselves into trouble unintentionally. They could fall in the hands of anonymous predators or be a victim of cyberbullying.

As technology has created this problematic situation, it provides a solution for the concerned parents as well. Many parents who care to provide a safe online platform to their kids use parental monitoring apps. XNSPY is one of the most used and reliable monitoring apps in the market. Let us examine the app closely to see if it is true or not.


XNSPY is one of the leading monitoring apps that helps concerned parents manage their kids’ internet usage. It supports the parents to guard their kids against inappropriate and dangerous content online such as pornography, cyberbullying, drug-related content, violence, and peer pressure.

Your kids use social media apps to communicate with their friends and share their stuff. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Viber are some of the apps that are famous among the kids. However, the data on these apps is not always child-friendly. These apps do not even verify the age of the user that makes them more dangerous for the kids. XNSPY helps you monitor your teens’ activities on all of these social media apps. For example, you can track the exchanged messages on these apps. XNSPY also lets you see all of the multimedia files that your child comes across. You can say that it provides the perfect features for parental monitoring purposes.

Apart from the online activities, parents also stay concerned about knowing where their kids are at some given time. Suppose your child leaves home early with their friends. You would want to make sure that they are safe and if they are at the school by the starting time or if they are still hanging out with their friends. XNSPY lets you check their real-time GPS location. It helps you ensure that your kid is not in an unsafe or hazardous place.

Another thing that worries most of the parents is tech addiction. Most people introduce their kids to these devices at a very young age that can be dangerous for their mental and physical health in the future. Your kids can get addicted to their smartphones and tablets if they spend too much time on the internet. This addiction can affect their performance in school, their sleeping pattern, and other things. With XNSPY, you can set screen time for your kids. This feature can help your kids spend a specific time on the internet. This way, you can find a solution for their excessive mobile usage. Along with these features, XNSPY has many other features that can help parents to ensure their safety in both the offline and online world. Let us take a look at some of the features that XNSPY offers to its users.

Features offered by XNPSY

· Phone log tracking

XNPSY lets you monitor all the missed, incoming and outgoing calls on the targeted phone. You can check the duration of each phone call along with the time and date. This feature can be beneficial for parents who want to make sure that their kids are not in contact with any stranger. It even lets the user record particular calls without any physical access.

· Instant messaging apps and SMS monitoring

You can monitoring apps that offer instant messaging services. XNSPY lets you check all the exchanged messages along the multimedia shared. This feature helps you keep track of the people who are trying to stay in touch with your kids. You can deal with the potential cyberbullies or predators using this feature offered by XNSPY.

· Internet tracking

Another useful feature that XNSPY offers to parents is internet activity tracking. You can check the web browsing history of your child along with the bookmarked pages. XNSPY also lets you see the time your child has spent on each website. This feature will make you ensure that your child is not accessing any inappropriate web pages. You can even track all of the exchanged emails by using this feature.

· Social media app monitoring

Social media apps have been a part of their life. You cannot ask them to leave everything at once just because of the dangers it holds. XNSPY lets you monitor their activities on apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and many others.

· Device remote access

XNSPY offers this feature for your child’s safety and ease. You can control the device remotely. Suppose their phone gets stolen or lost. To protect their data, you can delete all of the information from their phone. You can even turn it off or on without any physical access.

This feature also lets you manage the installed apps on the phone. You can remove or block any app you want. Also, you can set the screen limit on the targeted device.

· Access photos/videos

Using this monitoring app, you can see all of the photos or videos saved on their phone. You can even download any specific files on your phone if you want.

· GPS Location tracking

As mentioned above, you can track your teens’ location by using this feature. It also lets you check the location history of your phone. Another sub-feature that XNSPY offers is the geo-fencing. With this function, you can add and mark a place as unsafe and get instant alerts when your child leaves that particular region.

· Keylogging

This feature lets you record and checks all the keystrokes made on the targeted device.

· Watch list function

One of the most advanced features that XNSPY offers is this one. It provides you watch lists where you can add certain words, locations, or contact numbers, and if any activity related to the added data happens, XNSPY sends you direct alerts. It can be a useful feature for parents to make sure the kids stay away from all kinds of online hazards.


If you compare XNPSY with other monitoring apps like mSpy or FlexiSpy, you can see that XNSPY is the most affordable one. XNSPY offers two subscription-based models. The basic version costs USD 4.99 per month. However, the premium version bills at USD 7.99 per month.

Compatible devices

XNSPY is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. For Android, it supports all devices running on versions above 4.0. However, XNSPY runs on every iOS device that runs on 6.0 and above.


  • It has live customer support.
  • It is highly affordable compared to other devices.
  • It offers many advanced features that are useful for parents.


  • Some of its features require rooting.

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