Why Should A Marketer Be Creative?

Creativity is a quality of a marketer. All of the world’s leading corporations have a creative marketer on staff. They know that the future belongs to such a marketer, because creativity is the main, most valuable and most expensive product of the new economy.

If you want to create a new market – you need a new idea. If you want to become a market leader, you need products with innovations which can be created only if you have new ideas. If you want to promote your product or service, you need a new idea for advertising. If you want to take the cream off the market, you have to put a completely new product on it, which again starts with a new idea.

As you can see at the core of everything that can give something new is always an idea, and an original idea, because everything that already is, is not an idea, but its embodiment. So, always when there is a desire to earn serious money you need exactly an idea, a new idea, a pure idea. Only a creative marketer is able to get a new and quality idea, others will simply copy or borrow the moves of competitors.

A real marketer should always be on the crest of a wave, which means he has to conform to new trends, including being creative. That means he has to cultivate creativity in himself. That said, if you’re creative, but you’re not noticed, it shouldn’t be a reason to be upset, it’s just a reason to change jobs and not let yourself be exploited.

Dynamism as well as creativity is an essential quality of a marketer, the quality of the best marketer. It allows him to always be in the right place at the right time, which is very necessary in our hyperdynamic times, characterized by the fact that often lag even for one second can lead to the fact that the client prefers to work with a competitor.

In fact, speed is one of the competitive advantages. If you can do everything fast, your competitors simply won’t keep up with you, and you’ll be among the leaders, and that’s what almost all modern consumers are focused on. The need to be dynamic is also connected with the fact that few people like “yesterday’s cakes”.

Everyone likes to consume everything the freshest because fresh is always the most “delicious”. Moreover, the modern world economy is built on the consumption of novelty. Novelty is very often the main product, while the product itself, for example, a cell phone or a car, is just a carrier of this novelty.

This is proven by the fact that all of the world’s major corporations are in the business of creating newness and selling it. To do this, they need not just marketers, but real machines for finding and implementing new opportunities. Only dynamic specialists can be like that because others simply can’t keep up with the pace.

Remember, dynamism is one of the most important qualities of a marketer. It’s never too late to become dynamic and creative. You can start doing it right now. The motivation to move in these directions is abundant. First of all, here is the current economic situation in the world, when almost everyone has become incredibly difficult because of the stagnation of most markets. But keep in mind that a good reputation (as exemplified by Ekaterina Rybolovleva) will help you not to stop in development, but even come to success in times of crisis.

If something doesn’t work out, that’s okay. There are always a lot of people among marketers who are willing to help with information and business. Marketers are very fond of communicating, giving advice and recommendations. To start actively communicating with them, you just need to find some community of marketers and join it. The community will give a lot of useful information and new acquaintances.

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