Why Interactive Quizzes are Important for Online Businesses? Bonus: 6 Awesome Examples

Online businesses are at a boom. This is because the e-commerce industry is growing rapidly with new businesses entering the market every other day. People prefer shopping online because it is less time consuming and more convenient than traveling down to the store to buy products.

Online businesses are at a boom. This is because the e-commerce industry is growing rapidly with new businesses entering the market every other day. People prefer shopping online because it is less time consuming and more convenient than traveling down to the store to buy products. There are various other benefits of conducting business online including the following:

  • Globally accessible 24/7
  • Flexibility and cost savings
  • Improved client service with fast delivery of products
  • Opportunity to manage the business from anywhere around the globe

When you create an online platform for your business, people can see the products that you are offering for sale and they can easily place an order online. This results in increased sales revenue and more expansion possibilities for your business. Moreover, with an online business, you can increase your target market and reach out to millions of customers from all over the globe which is way better than operating from a physical location.

Having the flexibility to talk to your customers and manage your business after business hours is something that makes your life much easier. Talking to your customers outside of business hours allows you to develop a strong bond with your clients which leads to a long term relationship and customer loyalty. Flexibility acts as a great motivational tool for your employees as well.

With an online business, you can facilitate the customers by providing 24/7 support so that they can receive a unique customer experience. In addition to this, you should deliver the products instantly when you receive an order from a customer as it enables you to receive positive reviews about your client service.

You can manage your online business from anywhere around the globe. You just need a stable internet connection like the one from the amazing Spectrum deals so that you can continuously stay in touch with your clients and employees.

Now that you have discovered the wide range of benefits of online business, you should consider promoting your business on digital platforms to spread awareness about your brand in the market. Social media is a great platform for promoting your business as it contains millions of users who can become your target market. Establish your brand as a premium entity in the market because people buy goods and services from companies that they can trust. You have to make the most out of your limited resources. Learn about customer interests and market trends so that you can produce and modify products without wasting your resources.

To learn about your customers, you can encourage them to take quizzes as they can reveal important information that can prove to be valuable for your company. If you do not know how to create a quiz, you take a look at some examples listed below:

  1. New York Times – Dialect Quiz

This quiz is one of the most viewed items of the New York Times in the year 2013. The quiz was introduced by Josh Katz, an intern at the New York Times, and was initially designed to collect data regarding local dialect during his graduate program. From the results of the quiz, Josh Katz developed a series of maps that revealed regional dialect disparity in the United States. The quiz went so viral that the New York Times had to put a notice on the quiz page regarding that survey and it went on to become a major hit in the market.

  1. What City You Should Live In?

This quiz was published on BuzzFeed in January 2014 by Ashly Perez and it received more than 22 million views which is quite an achievement. The quiz received around 2.5 million likes on Facebook and was one of the most viral posts on BuzzFeed.

  1. What is The Color of Your Aura?

Elaine Brunson published this quiz online on PlayBuzz in July 2014 and it asked multiple questions from people regarding their emotions, conflicts, personality, and energy. This particular quiz received more than 12,000 comments and shares on social media.

  1. The Million Dollars Quiz

This massively successful quiz was initiated by a digital marketing company that goes by the name of IMI. This digital marketing agency built an online quiz campaign for Zenni Optical, a glass retailer company and it revolved around the lifestyle and buying power of the people. This quiz helped Zenni Optical make more than one million dollars and the business generated 29,410 leads in a short period.

  1. The Elephant Pants

The Elephant Pants is a successful retail brand and for marketing purposes, the company started a quiz that asked, “Which pair of elephant pants are you?” The company received a good amount of donations launched the product successfully in the market.

  1. The Cloud Sherpas Quiz

This is a different type of quiz that was primarily designed for the target audience of Cloud Sherpas. It is not clear as to how much traffic the company was able to generate but even now they get three to four valuable leads daily.


These examples illustrate the importance of quizzes when it comes to online lead generation for businesses. After reading about these companies and their quizzes, you will feel confident about initiating a quiz for your business to attract public attention to your website. Apart from conducting quizzes, you should focus on other marketing aspects as well. For example; running promotional ad campaigns, offerings discounts, and email marketing. You can also get your brand endorsed by celebrities because they have a lot of fan following and fans tend to buy products that are endorsed by their favorite celebrity. Email marketing can prove to be very effective for your business as it enables you to send out personalized messages to your customers so that you can connect with them and build a long term relationship for brand loyalty. Try these techniques and you will notice a positive change in your balance sheets.

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