Why Companies Should Invest In Enterprise App Development


According to a study, the use of mobile by B2B employees is expected to increase from 2 hours per day to 3 hours per day by 2020, primarily driven by millennials, Generation Z, and the rapidly growing use of smartphones by people of all ages.

The use of enterprise apps at workplaces is rising at unprecedented rates powered by technological advancements and innovations. 60% of employees use mobile apps for work-related tasks and activities and businesses gain an estimate of 240 hours of work every year from their employees, according to Fliplet. Another study by CIO Insights reports that 77% of employees use their phones for work and 62% rely on personal tablets.

Enterprise app development provides an agile solution for organizations to function and operation seamlessly through a single, dynamic interface. Integration of enterprise app with the business processes can lead to various benefits, including improvement in productivity, tracking of business performance, customer satisfaction and more accessible management and engagement with partners and other business associates.

Enterprise apps drive employee productivity and fuel business processes

One of the primary reasons for companies to invest in enterprise app development is to improve employee productivity. From inventory management, internal communication to strategizing and implementing entire projects with fewer operation expenses, enterprise apps have entirely changed the game across several companies.

Moreover, companies also take these efficiencies up a notch by pairing the app with data analytics. With the guidance of your business strategist, ensure your enterprise app development team incorporates analytics based on your business goals to optimize the app’s utility. With endless benefits spread throughout the life of your enterprise app, the analytics is one of the crucial elements of your app. They provide you valuable insights about your business performance and you can trace the growth in productivity.

Enterprise apps drive employee involvement and engagement

47% of companies observed an improvement in internal communication with the support of an enterprise app, along with a 23% increase in employee satisfaction.

One of the most significant benefits of an enterprise app is that it works as a tool for management to bring every employee, worker and business associate on the same platform. It saves a lot of time and presents an opportunity for everyone working for the company to provide their feedback in any capacity, share required information and make announcements without a lot of effort.

Moreover, with more and more companies realizing the significance of updating and growing the knowledge and expertise of their resources, a business app can make a big difference. It can provide a facility for employees to share educational material or videos, helping the employees to grow along with the company.

In the big picture, an enterprise app improves internal relations and help build an active work environment, enabling the company to move forward and grow.

Enterprise app integration of big data, AI and Analytics, result in smarter apps

You will see more and more companies these days investing in advanced technologies like big data and AI combined with analytics, and for a good reason. It allows businesses to generate unparalleled opportunities and enable organizations to infer business intelligence to stay a step ahead of the industry.

Incorporation of big data with enterprise app development will completely change the experience. A pertaining majority of data produced over the past couple of years is often unstructured and not analyzed up to its full potential, such as emails, videos, Microsoft documents, and telecommunications and embedded senor data, which means they don’t fit in the conventional business databases. However, this is changing the integration of technologies like deep learning and AI. Enterprises finally realize the gold mines they were sitting on. However, it may require your organizations to be more tech-savvy and incorporate these emerging technologies, but gaining new market share at a lower cost shouldn’t come easy anyways.

Data-based and analytics powered business insights and intelligence generate a lot of business and marketing opportunities and address inefficiencies and elements of business processes that can be improved.

Enterprise app development solutions have never been more accessible

With millions of apps available in the App Store and Google Play, it has become relatively easier to find mobile app development partners with expertise in working with enterprises and who can guide you throughout the journey. However, before finding the right team of mobile app developers, you can understand and analyze your use.

Moreover, as an enterprise with a considerable budget, you can look within the app developers’ community and work some of the best talent available around the world to build your enterprise app with the integration of technologies and solutions your company needs.

And even if you have a limited budget and still want to go ahead with the project without compromising much on the kind of quality specifics you require in your app, there are a lot of concrete methods out there through which you can lower the cost of your app development.

Wrapping up

The business world is changing at an exponential rate, and many companies around the world now realize enterprise mobility solutions as the need of the hour. Hence, it makes sense for a lot of these companies to invest in enterprise app development solutions. From gaining additional competitiveness in the market, growing their business to a new height to unfolding unprecedented employee productivity and business opportunities, the enterprise app is the new thing that will bring your business performance and goals on the same page.

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