Where does the Red Rebel Ice Pick spawn in Escape from Tarkov?

The Red Rebel Ice pick is the best melee weapon in Escape from Tarkov right now. It costs around 3 million Roubles in the game right now so it’s a very expensive item. If you have enough money then you can just go to the Flea Market to buy one. This is perfect if you do a lot of grinding in the game or if you’ve decided to get some Escape from Tarkov Roubles for sale from another player using an online marketplace. The method that takes the least amount of effort is deciding to just buy EFT Roubles if you want that satisfaction of going to buy Red Rebel Ice Pick at the Flea Market. However, you can also decide to just buy Red Rebel Ice Pick directly from another player.

How to find the Red Rebel Ice Pick in the game

If you don’t have the EFT Roubles to purchase the item then you do have a chance to find the item by yourself in the game. However, this takes a long time so don’t expect these methods to immediately work!

1. Green Crates

If you see a crate, go search them! They can contain interesting things and there’s also a small chance to find a Red Rebel Ice Pick hidden inside. You’ll want to head to the Shoreline where they can be found inside the broken house. There is also the Interchange inside the Kiba store which is another good location for them. Additionally, you can find one on Customs which is inside the old gas station. All those locations can also spawn a good amount of loot to collect so even if you can’t find the Red Rebel Ice Pick, it’s not a waste of time.

The chance to find it there is low but it’s worth a look if you want a Red Rebel Ice Pick!

2. Bartering

Jaeger Level 3 will actually trade you a Red Rebel Ice Pick… assuming you can find all the items to trade him of course. In order to trade for it you need:15x Dry Fuel, 14x Propane Tanks and 7 Fuel Conditioner. These are tricky to find and will take quite a while to collect all that you need to fill this trade. This also means that you need to get Jaeger to Level 3 as well!

3. Scav Boss Shturman

Once you’ve defeated this boss, be sure to check his melee spot! He can sometimes have it equipped there or in his locked stash. Make sure you always check the body and look at his locked stash as well after defeating him. Use the key he has on him to unlock the stash and see what’s inside. While the Red Rebel Ice Pick might not be there, the stash usually has some good stuff in there!If you do find the Red Rebel Ice Pick, be sure to remove your own melee weapon and equip the new one! Once you have it equipped, it cannot be looted from your body when you die.

Buy Red Rebel Ice Pick Online

If the above methods don’t sound very good, then you have one option left: buy Red Rebel Ice Pick.

If you decided to buy Red Rebel Ice Pick online instead then be sure to check the website to ensure it’s legitimate. Websites such as Eldorado often have multiple sellers for such items as well so take a look at what each one offers in terms of price and if it’s a bundle. Some sellers might bundle items together so they can make more money from the sale. For the Red Rebel Ice Pick, this might include some extra EFT Roubles or some other item.

While you can buy the item outright, there is also the option to look at EFT Roubles for sale and purchase those instead. If you buy Tarkov Roubles then you can go to the Flea Market yourself and buy the item. This doesn’t make any real difference though some players might prefer this for some reason. Also, then you will have EFT roubles left over to buy other items too.



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