What can we expect from the next generation of gaming consoles?

The time has come to talk about the next generation of consoles. PS4 and Xbox One have been in service for a decade now, and it is time for a new phase of the gaming machine.

The time has come to talk about the next generation of consoles. PS4 and Xbox One have been in service for a decade now, and it is time for a new phase of the gaming machine.
A while ago, Xbox shared updates about their newest addition – Project Scarlett, a codename for what could be called the Xbox Two. Sony, on the other hand, has remained quiet about its developments, but there have been plenty of hints over the years to give us the picture of the next generation of PlayStation.

Power Boost

Powered by AMD, the next generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles look to make a statement. For the Xbox, it is matched with its Zen 2 and Navi architecture, which promises to be four times more powerful than the Xbox One X, the most powerful of its generation. Pairing the best CPUs and GPUs provide real-time ray tracing technology, a technique used in Hollywood movie production. With all these power-ups, developers can push the boundaries of what is available in console gaming. Gamers can look forward to a smooth frame rate of 120 Hz, with 4K gaming finally being standard and 8k output potentially available. The loading speed will be up to 40 times faster, and game worlds can render much quicker, allowing developers and designers to be much more detailed in every inch. This is also great news for other industry niches like mobile and casino games, as they’ll want to keep pace and adopt a similar approach. This means you’ll be able to access demo versions of free slots games in no time and have a more transparent and improved user experience.

Keep playing on your old console

With four generation consoles, developers stressed out the urge to deliver top-class games from day one to encourage gamers to pick up their machines right away. They had the tricky part for persuading gamers to unplug their old consoles and move over to new versions. Both Xbox and PlayStation have learned their lesson the hard way, announcing in advance the compatibility of their upcoming consoles. Now, you won’t feel sentimental when leaving behind your library of games for the new console.

PS4 owners will be happy to know that PS5 will play all their old games. However, the new Xbox promises compatibility for all Xbox titles since the first one. They also announced that all current Xbox peripherals would work with next-gen consoles.

Cloud gaming

Google may have announced its platform for video games, but announcements from PlayStation and Xbox on their streaming services have brought new hope for the players. Competitors’ decision to work together and share resources to make their respective cloud services work is a big surprise. However, his move might be expected for those involved in the business, having in mind that Google has the infrastructure and expertise to enter the world of cloud gaming. Currently we don’t know much details about Xbox and PlayStation services. However, with its highly future-proof technology, both seem prepared for the next phase of 5G gaming.

Solid-state drives and output mechanics mean that complex systems can be rendered quickly. Having these consoles at home instead of Stadia’s data centres could be the edge that Sony and Microsoft have over Google.


Sony and Microsoft seem to have focused their attention on consumers, something that we’ve been demanding over the years. Backwards compatibility and boost in internals give us plenty to hope for, but it also means we have to wait for the big boom. Cloud gaming is the future of game platforms, but right now, very few enjoy the option to render 4K games instantly. Also, the backwards compatibility means that we’ll gladly go back and play the old titles collection. Games will be prettier and more realistic thanks to graphical updates and resolution. It’s a future where you play the most vivid and immersive games and bring you stories and experiences you’ve never seen before.

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