What Are the Main Components of a Printed Circuit Board?


Electronics rely upon numerous concepts in order to function correctly and a printed circuit board is one of them. Otherwise referred to as printed wiring boards, they may be extremely common, but they’re also really complex.

These circuit boards are made up of lots of different components. Here, we’ll look at some of the most common components used within their design.


One of the main components used within a printed circuit board, are resistors. They have various functions, including limiting the amount of current within a circuit, controlling voltage and creating timing circuits.

You’ll find they are available in a lot of different types, constructed from different materials. The most common resistors have an axial style and feature leads on both of their long ends. Coloured rings are included to highlight how resistant they are.


All modern electrics are made up of numerous transistors. In just one IC chip, there can be as many as billions of transistors included. Like resistors, there are numerous types of transistors available with Bipolar transistors being the most common.

These semiconductors are used to either switch electronic power and signals, or to amplify them. If you’re planning on creating your own printed circuit boards, you can buy discrete semiconductors from RS Components.


Another main component is the capacitor. They are used to hold an electric charge temporarily. If additional power is required anywhere within the circuit, the capacitor will release the temporary electric charge where required.

Like all of the other components in these circuits, capacitors come in a multitude of types, offering differing characteristics. The traditional design features a radial style, including two leads which protrude from one end.

Crystal Oscillators

Many circuits use crystal oscillators to produce precise timing elements. An electronic signal is periodically produced, causing them to vibrate at a specific frequency. This makes them a popular choice for use in microcontrollers. Compared to other timing components, these are much more stable as well as more economical.

These are just some of the most common components used within a printed circuit board. If you are planning on creating one yourself, you’re going to need to familiarise yourself with each component. You’ll also need to ensure you’re choosing the right type of component to fit the circuit you’re creating. It could be worth checking out videos on YouTube which provide tutorials and tips you can follow.

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