Web Development Trends To Look Out For In 2021

Our world is constantly evolving, and so are technologies. Especially rapid the change is in the field of IT and web development.

Our world is constantly evolving, and so are technologies. Especially rapid the change is in the field of IT and web development. New design techniques, latest technologies and services for the clients – everything changes fast. For the successful website it is crucial to follow the web development trends.

Trends usually change because the previous stopped attracting enough clients. The users don’t trust them anymore or are fed up of seeing it on every other web page.

Thus, when a new feature is launched, it is quite a benefit to have it among the first websites. The uniqueness is sometimes a determining factor for the client. According to Akveo, 54% of users will rather buy on a website with the unique usability features, than on a plain one.

Also, if you plan to launch a website for your business, it is important to keep it as developed as it can possibly be. Though you don’t have to put all the latest trends on the single page. More crucial is the conception that you follow. And also the features are designed for serving your business idea. And not the other way around – never adopt your ideas to fit every development trend in.

You always have to be familiar with the current web trends, whether you are planning to use them or not. You may consider using some of them later if you will seek a change. Plus comparing all the possible trends in web development is useful for determining their utility.

That’s why we have made a short list of the latest trends in web development.

Top-6 of Web Technology Trends 

  1. Digital Assistants and Artificial Intelligence (AI) features

You may have already noticed the growing popularity of everything AI-including. Smart gadgets, virtual helpers, digital services that imitate the actual personal assistant. There are whole services and gadgets designed using this tool. For example, the famous Siri in Apple devices, and Alexa in Amazon speakers.

Even if you have just a website, it is quite useful to include the elements of AI. They may be collecting data, answering your clients’ questions or performing simple tasks. There are also a lot of other functions digital assistants can perform. They are quite useful for creating the experience of human interaction within your website or service. Chatbots, for instance, are widely distributed and most of the users find them quite appealing. But they need to be efficient and not just a script that collects the phone number and promises to call back.

Plus, the data from the customers and their feedback are collected easily this way.

  1. Responsive design

This trend has been rising for a long time and isn’t going anywhere in the nearest future. It is no secret that there are way more mobile users nowadays than desktop ones. People buy clothes on their way to work, order cleaning services from the vacation and ask for delivery of the dinner while they are still at the gym. Portable devices have conquered the digital world, and it is necessary to fulfill their needs.

Every user wants to have the same experiences, whether using mobile or desktop versions of the website. Thus, it is crucial to make the web page responsive to all kinds of devices. All the phones, tablets and Chromebooks. The content and the available services should also be the same. And the loading can’t take forever – optimize the pictures and animations if used.

The design itself also needs special attention. And don’t forget about the switching between mobile and desktop versions!

  1. Voice-search optimization

The memes about too long voice messages are quite popular recently. According to the research, more people use voice services – dialing, search, messages – because it is more comfortable and faster. A half of the requests is done by the voice – and the popularity will only increase.

You can’t always type, but you almost always can say something quickly. And if the voice messages can irritate the person receiving them, other voice features are developed solely for the users’ comfort.

Voice-search options enable your clients to get the information they need faster. Plus, this feature is not available widely which will make your app or website more unique.

Also, sometimes voice-search is the only option for a person, so by developing it you also increase the inclusivity.

  1. Cybersecurity

Data privacy is a huge deal breaker nowadays. Especially after big scandals about the elections or stealing the Facebook users’ data. It is quite important to keep your security protocols up to date. Also using the AI – another mentioned trend – for cybersecurity reasons is justified. Latest AI developments allow you to prevent cyberattacks 85% more efficiently.

Many users are also quite interested in the way their confidentiality will be maintained. It is useful to include a couple of areas explaining the security of using your website.

  1. Motion UI

It is not a secret that social networks have decreased the average attention span. People tend to skip TikTok videos even if something interesting is not happening within the first 3 seconds. And the words “watch till the end” is one of the most popular captions nowadays. No surprise that with the websites the things are the same. It became way harder to keep a user on a web page or an app for more than 30 seconds, especially if they are not searching for something specific.

That’s where motion UI interferes to serve us. The pages that change slowly with the scrolling down are keeping the attention span satisfied. Seeing new information keeps the visitor engaged with the website.

  1. Single-page applications

No one likes to search for the necessary tab on the website for ages. Sometimes the navigation is not intuitive at all, which causes the users’ frustration and ends up as a fail for business.

What do you need to prevent it? A Java-Script based web page that imitates surfing on a single web page for the users. It reduces the wait for the tabs’ loading, simplifies the using process and enhances the overall web page performance. And it generally looks smoother and more intuitive.

This tool is also great for the apps. Top web developers are sure that this trend will continue in 2021.

In the end, it is important to note that web technology trends will inevitably change. The most popular ones though tend to stick for at least a couple of years, so it is beneficial to invest into this. Always keep your eye on the latest trend in web development, but choose only the features useful for your business.

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