Web Designing Or Software Development – Which One Is Better For Your Next Business Project?

Your next business project might leave you in splits if you are unable to decide about the right type of service that you would want to avail of. The IT field and Software development company is a wide branch where you might come across people with a different designation.

Your next business project might leave you in splits if you are unable to decide about the right type of service that you would want to avail of. The IT field and Software development company is a wide branch where you might come across people with a different designation. However, the two professions that leave people in splits are between a web designer and a software developer.

When asked about the job profile, most of us fail to have an idea of who they are or what they do.

Besides that, have you ever wondered who would be better for your next business project, A web designer or a web developer? Which one should you choose? What is the difference?

Yes, it’s very easy to get confused with the two different professionals as both the web designers and developers often share similar work types. They are both directly, indirectly involved in the creation of websites and are responsible for impacting different areas.

To help you understand the ideal person for your next business project, explained below is a detailed briefing of their job type, roles and how they will be helpful in your next venture.

Web Designer

The job role of a web designer explains them as the designer of a website, one whose job is to make your website look good. Their key area of operations are the style and look, feel of the final product of the website. They are the masters of software like Photoshop and use it to provide every website with a unique element. Further, web designers also customize a given website’s visual elements. Further, a web designer is also a practitioner of coding and can use applications like HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) to add a unique appeal to their designs.

Interestingly, this is not it. We’ll have a greater in-depth look at the list of software that is mastered by a web designer.

Web Developer

In terms of an explanation of their job profile, a web developer’s role is to create a design concept for the web designer. They are majorly responsible for bringing life into the imagination of a web designer. To make it more clear, we can think of web developers to be the architects behind web designers who bring their vision into life with their working techniques and experiences.

While the work of a designer is to focus on enhancing the appeal of a website, the developer is majorly responsible for creating applications that would lead to interactions. Having their specialization around designing website apps, a web designer is more into the creation of products that users will enjoy interacting with.

Web designer vs Web developer: Quick overview

The job role of a web developer is to build the architectural design of a website’s core structure by the use of several coding languages in which they master. On the other hand, web designers are more focused on bringing out authenticity and uniqueness into their ideas and create website designs that are heavily focused on the users.

If we take a closer look at their work, website developers and designers are like two sides of the same coin who are responsible to add life to a project, together. While the developers make the use of their knowledge around programming to create a framework, the designer’s job is to add life to it by their imagination and unique creative vision.

Now that you know that both are necessary to get the project done, you must be feeling highly confused right? Relax, it is just the peak of the iceberg as there are several factors that segregate the relationship between developers and designers? Your next project might demand both the designer and developer but here’s the twist, every web designer and developer holds their own strong areas.

Some developers might be strong in using software like Javascript but might have a problem around JQuery. Similar is the case with web designers. However, to understand better as to whom to choose to craft a smooth-running website, you need to understand the specific role that the individual web developers and designers will pick.

Let’s dive deeper and have an enhanced look into the details of web designers and web developers that you can reach out to. Given below is all the information that you might need to pick the right option for your next business venture.

When to choose a Web Designer?

Listed below are the different tasks that would require a strong need of a web designer:

User Experience (UX) designer

Certainly, the role of a web designer who understands his ways around UX, a UX web designer earns their name for their art of keeping the visitors engaged to a particular website. Their specialty revolves around the creation of websites that revolve around a specific set of audience. The job of a UX designer is to maintain the user engagements in their websites through extensive research into the users’ demographics and the needs of a website.

Now, to make it easier for you, just think about in this way, if you want to create a website that people would love to use and often visit it due to its attractive nature. The more interactive a website, the more highly it is recommended. A UX designer can be greatly used to develop websites that would be used for shopping and other such activities.

User Interface (UI) designer

The job of a UI web designer in a software development company is to improve the overall interaction within a website by having a first-hand idea of the problems that customers face while visiting the website. Their key role is to inspect the friendliness of all the elements that are present on the website and also keep an eye on the interface of the website.

Yes, we know that this sounds similar and you might be wondering ‘How does it differ to UX?’ Well, the answer is simple, the job of a UX involves extensive research into the demographics so that they can come up with ideas to optimize interaction with the website and build a solid foundation for a positive user experience. On the other hand, UI is more focused on the aesthetics (the look and feel) of the actual website.

Visual designer

The third option when it comes to opting for a web designer, the visual designer can be said to be a blend of both UX and UI. Having said that, their job role also complies somewhat with the mix of a UI and UX developer. They are responsible to improve the overall enhancements using their experience around websites and also make it creative and coding skills. Interestingly, the visual designer is also responsible for solving design issues.

To sum it up, the Visual designer is a master of the trade and works on all the aspects of a web design. They are an all-rounder solution for coming up with what you want.

When to go for a Web Developer?

Similar to the Web designers, Web Developers are also classified into various job profiles, as explained below:

Back-end developer

One of the most essential tasks of a back-end developer is to design the website’s core structure. Masters in programming, the back-end developers are majorly responsible for the development of a website and know their ways around complex softwares like Java, SQL and C#. While their work might not be visible, the back-end developer is majorly responsible for the entire functioning of a website.

To sum it up in a jist, back-end developers are responsible for making websites functional with the help of various programmes. Their job also requires a lot of testing and bug-fixes.

Front-end developer

Also known as client-side development, front-end developers are majorly responsible for working with ideas that are related to web design. They are the ones that work on interactive formats with the use of several programming languages and programmes like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

If we see closely, the job of a front-end developer is similar to a back-end developer as both work majorly on the same thing but with different coding skills.

Full-stack developer

An expert that knows their work around every corner of a website, full-stack developers manage their work, across the front and back end.

They can be referred to be a package of both the developers.

Key Difference (Table Format)

Parameter Software Developer Web developer
Job Role Software development Website development
Programming languages known C++, Java, Python, etc HTML, CSS, JavaScript etc
Targeted platform for development Developed to be compatible across different OS/platforms. Developed to be compatible around web and mobile browsers.
Suitable for Developing the core function Enhancing the website
Different types
  • Back-end developer
  • Front-end developer
  • Full-stack developer
  • UI designer
  • UX designer
  • Visual designer


Having the right person in your team is one of the most essential parts of developing a business. We hope that you have a clear idea of whom to hire for your software development company.

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