VPN for gaming- Why do you need a VPN when playing Fortnite


Should you use a VPN for Fortnite? We have a few reasons why the answer is “Yes.” Please stick with us to find out why a VPN is a useful tool to have when playing this cool and fun game! 

You’ve probably heard about VPNs from everybody around you, and most of the time, people tell you that you need one to have a safer Internet experience. But VPNs don’t just help you stay safe online and keep your data private. They can also help with a lot of other stuff, from allowing you to access blocked content in your country to get the best deals when shopping online.

Besides that, VPNs are also a useful tool for gamers like you. There are a few reasons why people use Fortnite VPN services for a better gaming experience.

Still on the fence on whether or not you need a virtual private network service when playing? Here’s why we think you do:

Get around a Fortnite ban

Fortnite is pretty well-known for regularly banning the IPs of these players who cheat or go against the Epic Games’ Community Rules. However, sometimes, people report getting a Fortnite IP ban for no reason at all. It’s probably an error that has occurred. Yet, it can be really annoying not to be able to play your favorite game due to an error.

So, what can you do? If you find yourself in a similar situation, you can use a VPN to hide your IP address. Since the game won’t see your real IP address that is probably on their blacklisted IP address, you won’t encounter the same error.

A VPN will boost your gameplay

High ping and lag can be really disruptive when you are playing and get really caught up in the game. Using a VPN might help you lower lag and ping to have a better gaming experience.

Now, this isn’t 100% sure that your VPN service might indeed lower lag and ping. Yet, if you use a VPN server that is closer to the Fortnite server, using one might actually help you because your traffic may have a more direct route.

Protect your network from DDoS attacks

If you are an experienced gamer, you’ve definitely heard about DDoS attacks or even experienced one. In fact, such attacks are also kind of a norm in Fortnite, and many players complain about experiencing them.

But just to make sure that you know what we’re talking about: this type of attack is when someone floods your network with too much traffic and too many requests, which forces it offline. In other words, your web access gets shut down. And this may last from a few minutes to a few hours depending on how strong the attack was.

So, how does a VPN protect you from a DDoS attack? Since a virtual private network service hides your IP address, the other players cannot use it to locate and target your network with such attacks. They might target the VPN server you use. However, most providers use an anti-DDoS protection solution. So, you should be safe during your game.


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