Unlocking Rules of Solitaire Card Game


As Solitaire is massively famous around the globe, several versions had been generated out of this game. In other words, Solitaire card games are literally overflowing in the market. Although currently there are many variations of Solitaire online, the rules for all of them are pretty well-rooted. So, to efficiently play Solitaire, you only have to come to terms with these regulations before you can slay each playing session.

Four Piles of Solitaire

Perhaps, you’re already familiar with the different piles in such acard game. Still, let’s have a quick recap of them. As you know, there are four types of stacks in Solitaire, namely the tableau (divided into 7 columns), the foundations (presents 4 piles), the stock (known as “Hand pile)”, and the talon or waste. In the tableau, there are seven columns consisting of a variety of cards, however, note that the whole pack is not arranged in the tableau. Thus, you can get the remaining cards from the stock and if the cards you’ve taken out from the stock can’t be placed on the 4 foundation piles or in the tableau, they are laid out in the waste pile. By the way, remember to keep the talon pile as your reservoir, which will help you a lot!

Solitaire Rules

Now that you’ve recalled the four piles of Solitaire, there are certain rules laid down for each player.Here they are:

  • Cards have to be ordered by suit and in sequence

In the foundations, all four piles must be arranged in ascending order. All respective suits must be followed, too. Basically, you should start from the bottom card to the top, however, usually, the ace acts as the base of the foundations. Hence, you must begin from the ace all the way to the king.

  • Sort in alternating colors

Yep, you saw it right. The color of the cards in every pile must be alternating. Whoever created this game sure knows how to have fun, right? So, please be attentive and remember that the card you should place on top of another one must be the opposite color.

  • Move all the cards to the foundations

In the beginning, the foundation piles won’t have any cards. So, the chief goal is for you to place a full-pack of cards onto the foundations. But before that, your first aim is to build sequences in the tableau. Thus, you can transfer the cards on top of each other in a particular order of their corresponding suit. Overall, there are piles of spades, hearts, clubs, and diamonds for the foundations.

  • Vacate all spaces on the tableau

As a result, you need to transfer all of the cards in their right order onto the foundations. That being said, your objective is to empty all spaces on the tableau as soon as you can.

  • Relocate multiple cards in the tableau

It’s feasible to move a stack of cards as a whole to another column. For example, you can transfer one or more successive cards of column 5 on top of a stack in column 6.


So, have you gotten the gist of this game? Pretty manageable, right? Whether you’re playing a classic Solitaire or recently modernized free Solitaire, you have to keep in mind these rules as apparently, you can’t go your own way in such a card game. And remember that once all of these rules are abided by, then your game can be easily won!

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