Uber for X Business: Top 8 on-demand sectors you can earn more profit


Uber for X

When it comes to the on-demand industry, Uber has been a trend setter. It showed to the world how a simple application that has access to your location can work magic when it comes to providing services at a time and place that a customer wants. Today, this equation has found itself extending into multiple industries.

Given the hectic and strenuous lifestyle of an average urban human being in developed and developing countries, there is always a demand for some service or the other. Services that can be provided on demand through an application have found an adequately fitting expression – Uber for X.

X can literally be replaced by anything. Just like Uber, any Uber for X can help users avail services in the shortest possible time after making a request. This kind of service comes in really handy in places where people are pressed to make a hard choice between professional and personal life. Instead of them spending time and energy in finding out the perfect service provider, a simple app would help them get what they want!

This constructively infectious business pattern has been transforming the perception of businesses and the possibility of profit. It seems that almost every industry can benefit from this on demand business model of a Uber for X app. However, there are a few businesses that distinctly stand out in terms of customer delight and profit. Let us look at the top eight sectors where Uber for X is bound to make an intense positive impact.

Food and Grocery

Let us all admit it! Except for a very few people, it is good enough to have food on the plate irrespective of them having cooked it. Even if they would like to cook, going to the supermarket and getting all the things needed would seem quite a hassle.

With Uber for food and groceries, both these aspects are effectively taken care of. Using food delivery applications, you can order from your favorite restaurants or cloud kitchens. Grocery delivery applications help you choose from a wider selection of grocery items which might not always be available in a supermarket. Also, you can order from your office and have it delivered at a time when you will be at home. This presents a great convenience for office goers.

Beauty Industry

Beauty industry is quite an oxymoron when it comes to its growth. On one hand, the middle class population has started to appreciate the value of beauty and have considered investing their time and money in pedicures, massages, and makeovers. On the other hand, people do not have the time to go to beauty parlors and get their beauty services. There are also possibilities that the beautician might not be available, and even if they are, the timeslot might be already full!

All these challenges have been effectively addressed by Uber for beauty applications. With such apps, you can choose to have the beautician or the massage therapist visit your home at a time when you need it. If you are bent on going to the beauty parlor, you can also fix up an appointment at a time that you want!

Handyman Services

More often than not, electrical and plumbing problems have been left unattended for long stretches of time because of the unavailability of the right handyman. Even if we were to find one, it is not assured that the person will be available at a time when we need them. Handyman services on demand is a perfect app that would immensely benefit urban households.

By providing a wide spectrum of services and a verified list of service providers, Uber for handyman services can come in handy for people who might not always have the luxury of time when it comes to getting their homes fixed.

Health care Services

Healthcare services are taking us back in time! There was a time when calling doctors home for consultation was the order of the day. Today, gone are the days when people visit clinics for medical consultations. By using healthcare applications, they can request for a specialist doctor to visit their home. Looking at it from the on-demand perspective, it is nothing more than Uber for doctors.

These applications give users the luxury of choice when it comes to finding their specialist. They no longer have to be confined to consulting their family physician. The app can also give health care tips which make its utility relevant even on a passive front.

Lifestyle and training services

There are times when we might need assistance in our daily life activities. The Uber for X model extends into this territory as well. There are a plethora of services that can be offered under this spectrum. There have been instances where businesses have offered services of pet care and dog walking. There are also babysitters and personal trainers available on demand.


When we talk about transportation, we immediately tend to think about cabs. Such is the impact of Uber! However, here, we are talking about other modes of transportation and logistics that can help move more than just the person. There are companies that offer logistics services on demand that can help you move furniture and household items using trucks. As weird as it may seem, there are also services that help you hire a valet to help you park anywhere in the city. You can drive to any place and just leave your car with the valet. This means that you do not have to go through the hassle of finding a perfect parking slot.


Hospitality services have always been on demand. However, the way in which these services are availed of has drastically changed after apps started to take over. Airbnb might be the leader when it comes to hospitality services on demand. However, there are other services that can help homeowners list their properties for vacation rentals. There are also services that help you book hotel rooms at the last minute. In retrospect, last-minute hotel room booking might be a great deal of profit if hotel rooms are likely to stay empty.


Clothing is no longer about the utility that it was formerly meant to be. It is a fashion statement. Right from the shoes to the headgear, everything has to be matched perfectly. However, most of us are not experts in this. This is where the relevance of on-demand fashion experts comes in.

There are apps that help select the right outfit to go along with your accessories or vice versa. There are also applications that help you hire a personal shopper who will help you pick the perfect stuff for the grand occasion that you are shopping for, be at a party or a prom.


It might not be an exaggeration to say that what we have attached here is just the tip of the iceberg. As the world keeps changing and as new services keep getting added, the on-demand market is expected to grow without a slump, at least for the next decade! If you would like to capitalize on the wave, it is high time you develop an on-demand app with a ready-made app solution. Should you have an idea that is quite likely to materialize into an application, you can get in touch with an app development company. They will take care of shaping that fantastic idea into a fantastic application.

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