Topics for Microsoft AZ-104 Exam and How to Master Them with Practice Tests


If you are determined to get the Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator Associate certification, you will need to pass the Microsoft AZ-104 test first. The benefits of getting this accreditation are huge. Web Site to Pass Exams Apart from improving your chances to get a higher annual payment, you will also get access to information on cloud computing and consolidate your position in an international company. By getting Microsoft certified, you will be among the fewest specialists who have managed to pass such a difficult exam and had your knowledge tested by an international vendor. Are you curious to know how you can pass your AZ-104 assessment? We can tell you from the beginning that this is not an easy exam. You should be ready to answer multiple-choice questions and develop the right skills to pass it. So, you had better read the paragraphs below if you want to go through this test without stress.

Topics to Masterto Take AZ-104 Assessment

First of all, exam-takers will need to develop skills in five essential domains. The first topic will test your knowledge of Azure identities and the ability to develop efficient governance management. Microsoft Certification Practice Test AZ-900 Approximately 15-20% of all exam questions will target this subject. For example, you will receive questions on subscription management, how to deploy Azure Active Directory, or how to grant proper access control.The second part of this assessment will evaluate your ability to implement and manage storage features. Past exam-takers mentioned that around 10-15% of all questions targeted this topic. For instance, you will have to solve items related to storage accounts management, show strong knowledge of Azure files configuration, and know how to manage data for Azure storage. URL Link Here The efficient management of Azure compute resources is the third topic tested during AZ-104 exam which covers 25-30% of all the test questions. Management and configuration of virtual networks is another domain that has the highest weight in the total number of test questions that make up 30-35%. There, you will be asked to demonstrate your expertise in configuring and securing virtual networks in any company and how you will monitor them to ensure business continuity. And finally,the last subject concentrates around backup operations and covers 10-15% of all exam tasks.

You should know how to use Azure functions to monitor activities and develop proper backup to prevent any data loss. PrepAway Website Link To Download

Use Proper Training Materials for YourAZ-104 Certification Test

The success in the Microsoft AZ-104 certification exam is influenced by how seriously you take your training. As there is no secret recipe behind it, you should start by reading the information provided by the vendor on their official website. Website Here, you will find relevant details on the eligibility conditions and what available training materials are.For example, you can enroll in available sessions for instructor-led training or you can opt for some free online courses that will help you improve your knowledge on evaluated exam topics. Practice tests are as well an excellent preparation option. However,they shouldn’t be used as the single training material, they are only useful to help you understand the assessment structure and the difficulty level of AZ-104.


As long as you understand the Microsoft AZ-104 exam and its blueprint, you will have no surprises when the test day comes. Microsoft MB2-716 Exam Dumps Questions The vendor’s website gives you enough information to understand which are the prerequisites for this assessment and which training materials including practice tests you can use to prepare for it efficiently.

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