Top career options in AI 

Artificial Intelligence is a field capable of defining society in a way we could never envision. It allows us to open our phones with our faces, have undesirable emails shifted to spam without addressing them, and having virtual assistants answer questions.

Artificial Intelligence is a field capable of defining society in a way we could never envision. It allows us to open our phones with our faces, have undesirable emails shifted to spam without addressing them, and having virtual assistants answer questions.

The effects of Machine Learning and AI isn’t just about making people’s lives simpler. These programs can have a significant impact on streamlining the business procedures, improving the customers’ experience, and completing tasks that weren’t conceivable before.

According to Indeed, the demand for AI professionals has increased dramatically in the past couple of years. The number of AI job postings have also increased by 119%. Needless to say, there is no shortage of opportunities in the field. So, if you want to work in the field of AI, here are a few career options for you.

Data Scientist

The job of a data scientist involves collecting and analyzing the data. In order to be a data scientist, you need to have a strong foundation in math, statistics, advanced analytics, machine learning, and AI. It is your responsibility to extract helpful data from the large dataset. By analyzing the information, you can accumulate insights, make inferences, and use them for supporting the business. In the past few years, the demand for data scientists has drastically increased. This unexpected increment has resulted in a talent crunch across several companies and enterprises.

It is important to note that even though the needs are clear, a degree in computer science and experience in coding, your role as a data scientist will have different responsibilities in different companies. Regardless of what association you want in the field of data science, you need a background and experience in mathematics, probability, statistics, and algorithms.

Machine Learning Engineer

As a Machine Learning engineer, you will be responsible for creating and managing platforms for ML projects. Your work will be at the center of the AI project. You must have a strong foundation in data science and applied research to get a job as a Machine Learning engineer. You must also display an intensive comprehension of multiple programming languages.

Your job as a Machine Learning engineer will include leveraging natural language processing and applying predictive models while working with big datasets. To increase your chances of getting recruited, you need to have a profound knowledge of leading software development IDE tools such as Eclipse and IntelliJ, and agile development practices.

If you take a look at the leading workplaces, you will notice that many organizations are inclining towards hiring people with a master’s or doctoral degree in mathematics or computer science. More often than not, preference is given to someone who is an expert in technology and has solid mathematical abilities. Also, companies expect candidates to be specialists in deep learning, neural networks, and artificial intelligence and have analytical skills, computer programming skills, and experience working with cloud applications.

AI Architect

If you take on the role of an AI architect, your job will be a lot different than that of a data scientist and machine learning engineer. As an AI architect, you will be answerable to every need of the AI project, your job is to make and keep the architecture leading the AI technology frameworks up and running. Your position will have parts of data science, technology expert, and solutions specialist, all wrapped into one.

You will have to take a look at and study the AI deployment project for comprehending the overall objectives of the business and figure out the different ways of dealing with the application of AI to reach those objectives. You will also have to organize the team for achieving those objectives. Additionally, it will be your job to perceive how to use AI in a company that needs a profound understanding of the capabilities of AI platforms, different AI patterns, and the state of data in the organization. Because of these responsibilities, an AI architect is not considered to be an entry-level position, but one that requires years of involvement in the field.

Business Intelligence Developer

As an Artificial Intelligence professional, you can take over the role of a Business Intelligence Developer. The main objective of your job will be analyzing complex data to recognize market and business patterns. Your responsibility will include modeling, structuring, and keeping complex data in easy and highly accessible cloud-based data platforms. If you are interested in this role, you will need strong analytical and technical abilities. You must have strong critical thinking aptitude and an ability to speak with your non-technical partners.

Unlike other AI careers on this list, working as a Business Intelligence developer requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science, engineering, or related field. However, you must have some certifications and hands-on understanding. To be a perfect applicant for this position, you must have had extensive involvement in data mining, data warehouse design, SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Integration Services, SQL queries, and BI technologies.

Big Data Engineer

As a Big Data engineer, you will play an important role in building an environment that will be empowering business frameworks to examine information. Most of the organizations want employees with a doctoral degree in computer science, mathematics, or a related field.

Unlike data scientists, your job will be more involved with planning, designing, and building a big data environment on Spark and Hadoop systems. As an applicant, you will have exhibit programming experience with C++, Python, Java, and Scala. You need to have in-depth knowledge and practical experience in data mining, data migration, and data visualization.


AI is a lucrative field that has above-average job growth. But the industry is increasingly competitive. All the roles in this field require extensive hands-on experience and advanced technical background. If you have a rare balance of expertise and real-world exposure, it will allow you to land a role in the field of AI and shape its landscape. To increase your chances of getting recruited, you can get AI training in Bangalore.