Top 5 Technological Advancements That Will Change the Human Perception by 2025

Curiosity is in the genes of humans that never rests, and all the top technological advancements that we see are the outcome of human’s evolving nature. Tech Pioneers of 2020 believe that innovation is one of the crucial steps for the well-being of the future.

People in the late 1950s may not have ever imagined that humans would really land on the Moon. But just after a decade, on July 16, 1969, Apollo 11 actually landed on the Moon with three scientists – a major technological breakthrough by humans to ever step out of the Earth.

Nowadays, technology is present in every pocket and in every home. From smartphones to 5G, automated manufacturing to quantum computers, life is going extraordinarily fast, so is technology. So, here are the top technological advancements that will change human perception by 2025.

1.    Quantum Computing

With quantum computing, a new era of computer technology will leap over the present human perception by 2025 with the new generation of first commercial devices solving real-world issues. The complex riddles will be simultaneously solved by quantum computation phenomena such as entanglement and superposition. One of the significant applications of quantum computing will be the real-time simulation of complex chemical reactions to support advanced medical treatments and drug development.

Quantum computing will assist the automotive sector to design catalysts that reduce exhaustive emissions to preserve the environment. Not only that, the latest tech development will help industries test novel and advanced materials more accurately than ever before.

2.    Energy Transformation: A Net-Zero Future

Preserving the environment and eliminating the causes of ozone layer depletion will be seen as socially intolerable by 2025. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, governments have been focusing more on public safety and health by seeking ways to deal with the impending threats that can harm the future of humans.

The human perception by 2025 will have steered towards the elimination of carbon footprints and having a net-zero future. Industrial systems of energy production will be transformed by the latest tech developments in renewable energy sources like biomass, wind energy, geothermal, and hydro energy to completely eradicate greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

3.    Artificial Intelligence Optimized Automated Manufacturing

Humans have gone far ahead in robot-controlled manufacturing. Owing to the pandemic, governments have posed huge restrictions on travel, and many companies have borne heavy losses and prolonged shutdowns. Typical manufacturing requires a lot of time and energy, not to mention a huge work dependency on the workforce.

Companies, by 2025, will recline more towards automation that will be controlled and optimized by the constant data feeding of artificial intelligence. Latest tech developments that are cloud-based will be adopted rapidly to enhance operability and feasibility. The cloud-based analogy will help smooth and intelligent data processing with the ease to present the product contextually through their supply chain to the manufacturing platform.

This advanced technique to interrelate an intelligent set of algorithms to the data stream will shorten the lead times and allow the manufacturing assemblies to constantly optimize production rate with quality outputs. Hence, reducing the end product waste and its cost to ultimately shoot the sales target.

4.    5G: The Fifth Generation Technology

The COVID-19 has badly affected education and business, leaving them with no choice but to go online. On the other hand, some online businesses like Amazon and Instacart have reaped beneficial profits and a positive boost in the shares. Due to excessive traffic and customer jam-pack, internet users faced heavy breakdowns and speed problems, whereas dealers faced issues in the sense that they had to deal with a myriad of online customers altogether.

5G has a solution with its fifth-generation top technological advancements for online users. With 5G networks around the corner, it’s likely that online business and customer services will be dealt be humanoids and autonomous robots in 2025. With cruising latest tech development, chances exist that our online orders will be flown to us by 5G activated robots or drones. Just like the education systems have moved online, that time isn’t far when businesses will be managed in pockets.

The low latency 5G services will fix the network reliability issues and allow businesses to stay virtual 24/7 without a millisecond of connectivity glitches. Furthermore, the advancements will allow economic growth for investors and inventors of the new era to thrive in the online market.

5.    E-Vehicles: The Electric Future

In a study by Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF), e-vehicles will hit almost 10% of the passengers throughout the globe in 2025 vehicle sales. Not just that, the figures are anticipated to rise to 28% and 58% in 2030 and 2040, respectively.

With passengers’ rising interest in e-vehicles, this latest tech development is expected to represent about 31% of all the cars on the road by 2040. It is also being predicted by BNEF that we will see 500 million electric vehicles out of 1.6 billion passenger cars globally.

Hyundai has also unveiled its e-vehicle platform which is named E-GMP that will be serving as an underpinning of Hyundai and Kia’s electric vehicle future. This platform will release 23 e-vehicles globally by 2025 – so get yourself prepped to forgo your gasoline vehicles.

It is very exciting to know that these top technological developments will reshape human perception by 2025. Moreover, the latest tech development will also ensure environment-friendly products such as e-vehicles and humanoid robots that will not only help preserve the environment but will also open gates to go further beyond the horizons.

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