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The PlayStation 4 is almost six years old, and despite all the good times it has given us, it is now time to make way for the next generation: the PlayStation 5. When can we expect the next Sony console? What will it look like? We’re taking stock of the various rumors and leaks.

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Sony plans to launch the PlayStation 5 next year. The new console will not be available until the end of 2020 though. Meanwhile, many details about the PS5 have leaked. There’s a real image online now. Although, this does not necessarily show the final design.

With the image of a developer version, the so-called PlayStation 5 Devkit, excitement is currently being generated on Twitter. The photo is real and it shows a thick console with V-neck as the dominant design element.

But, the shown design is not likely to be final. The developer consoles are mostly designed to be practical platforms, but can also offer some insights about the final product. With the PS5, the V-neck benefits above all from a sophisticated cooling system. The new PlayStation is also set to revolutionize this, so we’re actually assuming at least that a related design will come to the consumer PS5.

Interesting are the discussions that arise around the tweet’s origin: “The Drunk Cat” (@Alcoholicaust). Once the rumor of the design was exposed, a user showed the image of the PlayStation 4 devkit. And this has very little to do with the final console.

Also, Tom Warren, editor of The Verge, has his opinions about the PS5. He declares the cooling system to be exclusively used for the Devkit. So maybe the V-neckline will disappear after all.

The more interesting console for him next year, by the way, is the new Xbox. The console is still called “Project Scarlett” and will also appear in 2020. Microsoft also plans to release the next console towards the end of the year. This is gonna be a head-to-head race for Christmas.

The controllers shown on the Devkit picture are also reminiscent of the current DualShock 4 generation. PlayStation boss Jim Ryan announced the PS5 a few weeks ago with a completely new controller generation.

Some games announced at the last E3 (such as The Elder Scrolls VI) were already looking too good for the current generation of consoles. Company CEO John Kodera admitted that the console was nearing the end of its lifecycle.

The PS4 Pro is beginning to show its age and is finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with today’s high-end PCs. While the PS4 is still selling very well with 76 million units sold in the first quarter of 2018, sales are slowing as the console ages.

That’s the big question. Consoles players already know that a new generation is planned to support future big-budget games, it is mainly a question of ‘when’. Sony engineers are already designing the manufacturer’s future console in collaboration with game developers.

In a post published on its blog, Sony confirmed the release of the new console for around the end of 2020. It’s a logical period because it coincides with the Christmas and New Year holidays, which are often favorable for such purchases.

The PS4 and PS4 Pro were launched at $ 399.99. It is likely that Sony will try to renew its success with a similar introductory price. However, several rumors suggest that the price would increase by $ 100, for a final price of $ 499. An increase justified in particular by a top-of-the-range spec sheet. Sony could also launch the PS5 at $ 399 and a PS5 Pro a little later at $ 499, or even more.

A word on Playstation Plus

A recent announcement related to PlayStation Plus has sparked rumors about the PS5. Since March 2019, PS Plus no longer offers free games on PS3 or PS Vita, and focuses on games for PS4. This could be an attempt by Sony to slowly abandon the older generations of games to make way for the new ones.

To get an idea of the PS5, we can take a look at the associated technologies, in this case, 4K Televisions. The PS4 Pro offers native 4K output, but often at the expense of definition. As 4K televisions are becoming more and more popular, the PS4 and PS4 Pro will be less attractive to users.

LG Display 88 inch 8K OLED Display ed
8K displays already exist, but 4K technology is not yet widely available in homes / © LG

The 4K support is clearly expected on the PS5, although the 8K could be a nice surprise. This is why an exit in 2020 would make sense since it would come at a time when the market share of 4K TVs will reach 50% in the USA.

Sony was the first console manufacturer to adopt virtual reality with PlayStation VR. If the manufacturer continues to support this technology, it is likely to be improved along with the next generation of consoles.

The basic PS4 is barely able to run the PlayStation VR, even if the headset operates at a lower resolution than its competitors Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. The PS4 Pro allows a more fluid display, but its resolution still doesn’t hold up against the competition.

AndroidPIT HTC Vive TP Cast 1
Virtual reality has switched to wireless, and the PS5 will have to rise to the challenge / © AndroidPIT

Despite these shortcomings, the PS VR has proven to be quite popular, so it is clear that a new generation of this technology will be a strong selling point for the PS5. In order to really get involved in this technology, Sony will have to catch up with the competition. Let’s bet that the second generation of PS VRs will be launched without an external black box and without a connection cable.

In terms of graphics, we can reasonably expect support for HDR and wider horizontal and vertical fields of view. However, it should be kept in mind that the PlayStation is also subject to price constraints, and will therefore not be able to offer the best technologies. The 4K VR (yes, we are talking about a 4K definition for each eye) has not been ruled out, but I still have my doubts about it.

If the new console is backward compatible, then the entire PS4 game library will be available. But what new games will be developed to make the most of the next generation of hardware?

The CD developer Projekt Red has already announced that he is developing games for the next generation. Rumors are already circulating about PS5 development kits, which could mean that Cyberpunk 2077 will be part of the titles available at the beginning of the PS5’s commercialization.

Here is the trailer of Cyberpunk 2077. Would you prefer to play it on a new generation console?

Since it is common to see the development of some ambitious games drag on and miss the targeted generation (such as The Last Guardian), we could also see Death Stranding and Ghost of Tsushima landing directly on PS5 instead of the release announced on PS4, and according to British newspaper The Telegraph, Sony has also contacted Bethesda to get them to start working on the future PS5. We can also hope for Final Fantasy 7 at launch, Gran Turismo, a new Killzone, God of War 2, The Last of Us: Part II…

With advances in cloud computing and video game streaming, future consoles may not need to be so cumbersome. After all, it is now possible to stream games on smartphones. However, we believe that Sony will not immediately make the leap to cloud gaming.

Why? It’s easier for now. The PS4 is quite close to a PC in hardware terms (the manufacturer has abandoned the proprietary components of previous generations). This makes it easier for developers, who can produce games for both PC and PlayStation without too many technical difficulties.

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO, Andrew House, said at the launch of the PS4 that putting a hard drive and 8GB of RAM on the PS4 was a difficult choice. The PS4 and PS4 Pro now support external hard drives, and this could also be the case for the PS5, which will have the heavy task of calculating textures and models in 4K.

It is likely that both hard disks and optical disks will still be around for a while. The capacity of high-speed connections is not yet sufficient to allow the widespread streaming of games. Only a small proportion of users have access to the necessary connections, which would severely limit the potential user base of the PS5.

The same applies to optical discs. Sony had to face the dissatisfaction of its fans for not including a 4K Blu-ray player on the PS4 Pro. It is on this point that Microsoft has taken advantage and appealed to multimedia enthusiasts.

Players are also fond of physical disks. Not only to be able to collect them, but also to save space on the hard disk, and to have the possibility to resell your games (a practice that the video game industry does its best to eliminate). Unless Sony is willing to take big risks, it is likely that both hard disks and optical disks will still be present in its future generation of consoles.

Technical specifications of the PS5

Manufacturer Sony
Model PS5
Processor x86-64-AMD Ryzen “Zen2” customized Ryzen, 8 cores/16 processing threads
Graphics card AMD Radeon RDNA
Hard disk drive Customized SSD (100GB)

Dualshock 5: a controller with dynamic vibrations
Haptic technology
Adaptive L2 and R2 triggers

Other 3D audio processing unit
Compatible with PlayStation VR and PS4 games

Are you eager to learn more about PlayStation 5? What do you expect from Sony’s next-generation console?

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