The OnePlus 5’s best feature is its ‘reading mode’


The OnePlus 5 became official today, and we wrote a a review earlier today, which you can check out here. But I want to highlight one particular feature of a phone that, however small, was pretty unique and very awesome: The “Reading Mode.

Basically, it’s a simple visual filter that tries to imitate physical books and e-readers. Devices like the Amazon Kindle use reflective screen technologies, meaning they reflect the color temperature of the light source around you, be it the sun, a lamp, or a disco party light of.

Phones, on the other hand are emissive. They create their own light, which lets them display fancy things like magical moving pictures. Unfortunately, that colorful light is often distracting and is strongly linked to sleep deprivation.

OnePlus’ reading mode basically tries to mimic a reflective screen using an emissive one. It does so in a similar way to Apple’s True Tone technology on the iPad Pro, adjusting the screen’s color temperature to match your ambient light. Unlike Apple’s, implementation, however it also makes your screen go greyscale, and that makes it much more awesome in my book.

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