Six Tips for Starting an Ecommerce Site While in College


Education is changing. What used to happen was that people would only get a job after they finished college. Students might have odd jobs, but they wouldn’t have a proper job. Now, more and more students have a career. Read on for tips to start up your own ecommerce business.

Choose a Business That Has Low-Cost Start-up

Most businesses need some capital to start with. This covers any initial outlays for produce, rent, and more. Sites like Resume That Works had capital for the wages of their employees, but no rent.

Students don’t normally have a lot of capital to work with. It’s best to choose a business that has a low cost for starting. You don’t want to have to stop halfway through because you run out of money!

There are plenty of business ideas that don’t need a lot of money poured into them. Focus on them first and foremost. Try and find a business model that emphasises fast movement of products. Storage space can cost money. You want something where the product either doesn’t take much space, or is only in the space for a short time.

A low cost start up is also useful for reasons of time. You will have to focus on your studies when at college. You can’t spend too much time on a business.

Come Up with a Product

The first thing you need to do when starting an ecommerce site is come up with a product. What do people need that you can provide? What do they want that you can provide? What materials do you have access to?

Your product needs to sell! So you need to be absolutely sure about what you will offer. Will it be a large product, or a small one? Will you start off with one product, and then eventually expand into others? What will you do?

Take a look at the products other ecommerce sites provide. What makes them special? What sets them apart? What are they missing? You need to pay attention to what people are missing. This is the niche that you can take advantage of.

You need to come up with something that is original. If you don’t, you run the risk of nobody buying. Give people something that they don’t already have. This is the key to success.

Take Advantage of Social Media

There is one definite advantage that modern businesses have. Social media exists now. It makes it so much easier to advertise!

The best way forward is to make social media work for you. Sites like use social media to purposely target students who would like their services. You can figure out the best social media approach.

Each social media platform has its own following. If you are appealing to an older age group, then you want to use Facebook. If you want a younger group, then go to Instagram with your adverts.

The success of your business depends on how well you manage to market it. Social media will ensure that as many people as possible learn about your business.

If you are having problems with social media, don’t worry! There are plenty of businesses out there who will be happy to help you. Spending the money to get your business off the ground is a sound strategy.

Strive to Deliver a Personalized Experience

One of the good aspects of opening a business in college in the experience you will get. The best companies know how to give people the personal touch. That touch is what makes a one-time customer into a repeat customer.

Don’t just leave everything to computers. Try and put your stamp on the transactions. Whether that is a free gift with every purchase, a personal email, or something else. People appreciate the personal touch.

Try and find something that works with the products you are selling. Maybe some small item that people like to use, but don’t get very often? Why not try sweets? That might be a nice touch.

This is something you’ll need to figure out for yourself. If you are giving away something with every transaction, be sure that it doesn’t cost too much money. You don’t want to end up losing money on your personal touches! Basically, decide what works for you when it comes to personalisation.


Try and optimise your business. There are ways and means to streamline how you work. If you can make your work easier for yourself, then do it! Starting a business in college is a good idea because it lets you gain experience. You will have a head start on other people by gaining skills while studying.

To make your life easier, try and optimise as much as possible. The internet and computers in general can help you here. Why do something yourself if a computer can do it more quickly? Get your computers printing labels and addresses. Combine tasks at much as possible.

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier. So use it to make your life easier!

Optimising your business will also potentially mean more growth. You will be limited as first to what you can achieve by yourself. Optimising your business can mean that you can take more on. You won’t need to wait to grow your business, because it will be larger from the very start.

Know the Trends Well

The most important part of how to build an ecommerce business is the trends. Your business will not work if you only offer what people already have. Ironically, it won’t work if you offer them something they don’t want either. You need to find a good middle ground.

Keep an eye on the trends when you are first setting up your business. When you choose what products you are going to sell, take a look at what is out there. You will want to find your niche. Your niche is how you set yourself apart from others

Look at the trends and try and guess where they will be headed next. You could find yourself ahead of the game if you guess correctly! Your aim is to try and find a product that people will want to buy. Trends are always changing, so you need to keep your eyes open.


Knowing how to start your own ecommerce business can give you a huge boost. It will give you a head start on your post-college career. It will also give you needed business skills. This article has given some tips on how to start your career. They will help build a business.

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