SEO Services For Startups: 4 Ways To Get Ahead Of Competitors



After creating your startup site, make it easy for customers to find you. In this case, promoting a startup in search engines will help. If you have just started to develop a business, add SEO services to the list of initial tasks, as this promotion method may have a greater chance of success than the rest. If the target audience has not heard about you, then it will not search for you in the search. We tell you how to promote a startup and you can also Click here to know more about SEO services which are available in the market to improve your web design among your competitors.


  1. SEO and web design goals


SEO can help realize web design goals. After all, the goal of SEO is not only to drive traffic to the site. Depending on your chosen strategy, SEO may help:


  • Increase profits, ROI.
  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Increase the number of leads.
  • Strengthen business stability.
  • Increase customer loyalty.


You will discover topics, interests, and issues that interest your audience. This will help identify potential development directions.


If the goal is to increase the attractiveness and popularity of the product, your task will be to make the brand more familiar and understandable for Central Asia. This approach works more efficiently when customers are asked to solve problems that they sometimes don’t know about. You generate demand, focus on keyword research, determine which topic will be most in demand.


If your goal is to attract targeted leads, then you need to do less work with traffic, and promote topics where there is relatively low competition and, at the same time, the high relevance of your services or products.


How to set business goals for SEO:


Start with business goals. This is what your company plans to accomplish this quarter or this year or this month. Find out the goals of marketing. How marketing will help achieve company goals. If the company has a goal to increase sales, then the job of marketing is to optimize the sales funnel. Does it increase traffic at the top of the funnel? Does it return more traffic that was already on the site, but can be brought back to the site?


Decide on your SEO goals. How SEO helps you achieve your marketing goals.

Identify indicators that can be improved. For example, positions click from search engines, the volume of requests, links and link metrics, referral traffic.


From the selected goals to improve your SEO services for small business, you can get the maximum result with a subsequent return on investment.


  1. Create brand-related content


Any SEO strategy requires regular content filling. SEO goals should be the foundation for any type of content. What content will help promote a startup:


  • Posts on your blogs.
  • Posts on other people’s blogs.
  • Podcasts
  • Tools and web applications.


Lead magnets.


SEO attracts attention due to various links and repeated traffic. This is especially true for online stores. And for implementation, you need to regularly come up with new ideas and topics that will form the basis of your content.


For example, lead generation in such a strategy should pay special attention to creating lead magnets that can push the user to leave additional contact information about themselves. If you are interested in increasing traffic, then you should develop blog posts and content that will help you attract buyers to the site.


To drive traffic from search, you need to understand what topics interest your blog’s target audience. Focus on the ideas that have the most traffic potential.


SEO report sections where to look for ideas for content planning:


Analysis of semantics – a list of key queries that users search for information in search engines.


Analysis of competitors – search for competitors, determination of their positions in the SERP and key phrases by which they are promoted. It helps to understand why other people’s content is better or worse than yours and to find topics that are popular with the target audience.


Backlink Analysis – Performed for your blog and competing blogs. Shows which pages receive the most links from other sources. Analyzes backlinks service MegaIndex and others.


Use SEO analysis data in a complex to increase traffic and increase the number of customers.


How to identify topics in demand:


  • Use to browse a large list of keyword suggestions based on Google, YouTube, Amazon, etc., related to the word you enter in the search bar.
  • Google Keyword Planner, to evaluate the “popularity” of a keyword.
  • If you have a budget, you can use SEMrush to evaluate the complexity of your keywords.
  • Browse forums and groups on social networks that are regularly visited by your target audience for a more thorough understanding of their needs, requests, and views.


Include the keywords and phrases found in the semantic core. Do not ignore low-frequency keywords – those phrases that users request least often. Together, they will bring impressive traffic – because of low competition, they are easier to bring to the top of the search.


Check each of these points before starting the site and use them when re-auditing the resource:


  • Missing Title tags.
  • The length of the Title.
  • Keywords in Title.
  • Meta descriptions.
  • Headers H1.
  • Headers H2 and others.
  • Alternative text.


  1. Promotion through bloggers


Any approach to distributing the product through links and other tools should go beyond working with search engines. There is practically no sense in links designed for a short-term effect and not affecting an increase in brand recognition.


The best way to earn the right and right links is to create catchy content that a blogger wants to share. It is good to include work with “authoritative” sources (top bloggers, journalists, etc.) in the SEO plan. Small influencers with a small audience can also be useful in their niche.


Therefore, when you choose a content topic, also consider the audience of potential influencers.


  • Options for working with bloggers for SEO:
  • Mention or reference to the influencer.
  • Cross-promotion of the influencer.
  • A post on the results of collaboration with the influencer.
  • The question is raised, the problem or interest of the influencer.


When you are developing a startup business plan, think about what needs to be done so that your product and your activity arouses interest among suitable and relevant bloggers and journalists. This is not only about the content, but also about what surrounds it: public actions – something that has news potential, something that you want to tell about.


It’s a great idea to become a trusted source of information for the reporter – in building relationships with publicists who always have something to write.


Important: the number of subscribers matters only when your target audience is among them. For example, for a hotel a travel blogger, not a star food blogger, even with 100,000 unique ones.


  1. Technical SEO


One of the most common problems when implementing SEO in business is technical difficulties. Search engines have made a big leap in the evaluation of web design pages, so SEO technical errors can prevent it from being properly indexed and ranked in search results. From the very beginning, you need to pay attention to the technical aspects of SEO, before the errors become too expensive for you.


List of common technical problems:


  • Lack of the process of deleting or updating pages without the tedious creation of links to missing pages, redirecting user traffic, etc.
  • Duplicate content on different URLs.
  • Duplicate title tags.
  • Lack of original content.
  • Links leading to the so-called “endless search areas” where dozens of non-query pages are generated.
  • Missing (incorrectly spelled out) .htaccess, robots.txt and site map.
  • Poorly configured analytics, which is not able to track user actions and the source of traffic.


An SEO strategy should be part of your business plan from the start. Define your SEO business goals, set up the right content creation process, engage in influencers and be prepared to solve technical problems. Following this strategy, you will always be one step ahead of the competition.



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