Samsung patents a rollable display with fingerprint sensor


Samsung is on a roll. The South Korean company has the most successful mobile display business, but that’s not enough for Samsung. Although 2018 should be the year of the “foldable smartphone,” it appears that Samsung has a few more surprises in store for us.

The company recently filed a patent for a rollable display that can be activated by fingerprint. Unlike LG’s rollable display that uses a very small rotating motor, Samsung’s features magnets that are positioned along the main body that houses the display.

The patent shows two types of metallic bodies where the rollable display is pulled by the magnets: cylindrical and square. Both feature fingerprint sensors that allow users to unfold the rollable display with a touch of a finger.

The concept doesn’t really show how and if they can be used in a smartphone, so it’s yet unclear if they can be used for purposes other than simply storing and reproduce information.

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