Real Time Chat: 8 Different Ways It Can Boost Your Business

In this day and age, where most consumers are on their computers and mobile phones, most businesses have also taken their marketing efforts and initiatives online. This means that your customers are one click away from making that purchase or from choosing your service amongst other competitors. However, research has also shown that these customers are also looking for human interaction, which means that having a real-time chat feature on your mobile app or website is a crucial part of boosting your business. Here are 8 reasons why:

Helps Your Company Deliver Impeccable Customer Service

Customer service is the heart of every successful business. Good customer service means happy customers who are willing to refer your business or are most likely to come back. With a real-time chat service, you can make sure that you assist customers the best way you can in real-time.

This also means that you have a competitive edge against other companies. Your real-time chat application allows you to engage with your potential customers. To add this feature, you just need to add a chat messaging SDK. If you have no idea on how to choose a chat messaging SDK, you can search them over internet, read reviews and find the most suitable one for your business. This gives your business a variety of tools to help your customer using a systematized structure to provide both communications and support in a fast and efficient manner.


Studies show that real-time chat services are considered to be more efficient compared to e-mail and phone support. Chat messaging SDK can open multiple chat dialogues and help address multiple customers at once. Phone support systems allow one agent to assist one customer, and e-mail support systems may sometimes offer slower response times than chat support.

With one agent assisting 6 customers all at once, you can easily free up your resources, take care of more customers, and provide an efficient and faster solution to customers.

Accurate And Intuitive

A skilled chat SDK can offer proactive solutions to customers. This means that you, as a business, will be able to convert a customer easily who’s having issues making a payment or offer appropriate recommendations.

With the right live chat application, you can also come up with a systematized solution, such as setting up canned responses for common problems and solutions you may offer to your customer. As long as the system has been properly set up, with trained agents, you may predict your customer concerns and be able to efficiently offer solutions to common issues and questions through a series of pre-constructed responses.

Allows Your Business And Staff To Be Better On Areas Needing Improvement

Real-time chat applications often provide a chat log. A quick analysis of these chat logs will reveal the common areas of concern your visitors are experiencing. This will give you an idea of whether your website needs a more intuitive layout because they can’t find where they have to go to or whether you need to be more precise with your product description. After all, customers seem to get confused with it.

Either way, a simple review of the chat log will provide you the necessary information you need to offer better services to your customers.

It Addresses Common Language Barrier Problems

For countries outside the US, having a live chat application in place lets you converse with your customers using the native language. This makes it easier for customers to understand instructions, which reduces miscommunication and misunderstanding.

More Convenient For Customers

Imagine yourself as a customer, and you need to address a specific problem. You then pick up your phone and call customer service, and often, you have to stay on the line for long queue times. Once someone answers your call, there is a series of security questions. You have to repeat your concern endlessly. The agent has to forward your concern to another agent – and the process seems to be never-ending.

With a real-time chat app system, your customer can easily input the data they need, have them routed to the correct department, and the agent can immediately address their concern without all the unnecessary series of questions. Customers don’t have to stay on the phone for longer periods because live chat queues are often faster. Again, you aim to keep your customers happy – happy customers are better for your business.

Seamless Exchange Of Documents And Digital Files

Sometimes, you have to request necessary documents or photos from customers to proceed with the concern further. On the other hand, customers may also need certain documents on your end – and with a chat application, you can easily send and receive documents in real-time. This makes the process flawless with a faster and more efficient approach towards helping all customer concerns.

Real Time Chat App Isn’t Just For Your Customers

Live chat systems aren’t just for the customers. Yes – customers are the ones that significantly benefit from having this in your business, but it is also beneficial for the business itself. Businesses may also use this system as a link to communicate efficiently with other departments to ensure standards are met, and issues are resolved.

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