PUBG Mobile vs. COD Mobile


Battle Royale games are seemingly popping up like daisies everywhere these days, creating fierce competition amongst players and developers alike. PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds, better known as PUBG as well as Call of Duty (COD) are currently two of the hottest mobile battle royale games in the world. Even those who don’t partake in the gaming world would have heard of these two names before.

It begs the question, how different are they from each other? Are they essentially the same game in two separate entities? Or are they completely different games altogether? That’s what we’re going to find out by putting them together and looking at them through a magnifying glass.

Game Modes

Both games would require players to drop out of a plane and be the last one standing as the zones around them start shrinking.But the best way to describe their gameplays would be PUBG Mobile is a battle royale first and arcade second – although their arcade modes have a similar battle royale feel to it, which makes it seem like an extract of the main game. For fast paced action, players could try out their War Mode.

COD Mobile has a 5v5 multiplayer battle in smaller areas and offers various modes such as Search and Destroy, Frontline, Deathmatch, and Domination. The action is fast paced with infinite respawns as each team fights to reach the score limit first. There is also a rank mode where players can play all the modes as mentioned while matched with another player of a similar rank.

There are elements that are only available on COD Mobile such as custom classes, helicopter rides, scorestreak perks and a giant bloodhound that differs the two games from each other.


COD Mobile’s enticing factor would be the fact that they included some of the most popular fan favourite multiplayer maps such as Nuketown, Crash, Hijack and Killhouse. In PUBG Mobile, players are limited to relatively four big maps namely, Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and Vikendi. Each map has a different theme and can be selected individually or at random.

As usual for both games, each round would start with the full map and the play area would start to shrink, ensuring players meet and hunt each other. In COD Mobile, the play area shrinks faster and if players are lucky enough to reach the final stages of the game – the round would last about 15 minutes.

For PUBG Mobile however, it would take a longer time to find another player if you drop at a remote location due to the size of the map. It would also maybe take about 25 – 30 minutes for players to reach the final stages of the game, which is double that of COD Mobile


These two games are shooters with options to choose from the first person perspective or third person perspective but the damage, shooting style, recoil and bullet damage are all relatively different. One minor thing to note is that PUBG Mobile lets you switch between the two perspectives through an on-screen button if you joined the game with the third person mode selected but COD Mobile does not.

There are three modes applicable for both games in relation to team size: single player, duos and quads. A plus point goes to COD Mobile though, for the ability to revive dead teammates through dog tags.

PUBG Mobile is a more traditional ‘find-your-own-supplies’ sort of gameplay whereas in COD Mobile players can create their own class and customize their loadouts before entering the game.

Aside from that, PUBG Mobile offers only one shooting method while COD Mobile has two. The first mode fires automatically when the crosshair is set on an enemy and the second mode fires automatically when players take aim and press the shoot button. Both modes can be controlled manually to increase accuracy and all this is dependent on the player’s preference.

In terms of bullet dynamics and damage, PUBG Mobile offers no bullet drops at nearly any distance. Players could shoot with a low powered SMG and still hit an enemy 300 metres away, but this is not the case in COD Mobile – if you don’t have a sniper rifle, it would be nearly impossible to hit someone at a long distance. Players that enjoy firing from the hip would be better off in PUBG Mobile where close ranged enemies could be killed even without a compensator, but in COD Mobile, you might as well forget it.


Graphics-wise, both games are pretty clear and detailed. PUBG Mobile is powered by Unreal Engine and COD Mobile is powered by Unity Engine. Unreal Engine is known for their photo-realistic visuals whilst Unity Engine would need a lot more work.

Both games have a different feel to them. PUBG Mobile has more fine detailing, with wider open space whilst COD Mobile is rather graphically dense, with less clarity and a lot more crammed in. The finer details are definitely more clear in PUBG Mobile as compared to COD Mobile. With that said, they both portray two different worlds and situations.

A plus point for COD Mobile is that it has a destructible environment which makes it more dynamic and increases the fun in gameplay. Windows can be broken and fences can be smashed in. PUBG Mobile doesn’t have much for players to destroy, except for doors.


For customization, both games allow players to move and resize buttons anyway they want, as well as their own preference to aiming and steering a vehicle. As mentioned under gameplay, COD Mobile has an automated firing system that PUBG lacks. This helps players to aim and control movement freely without having to have a finger down on the firing button. The only drawback is in trying to take a long distance shot as the enemy is moving – you have to aim directly for them to get hit.

In-game purchases are included for both games, and everything is customizable. In COD Mobile, it’s all about military outfits and decked out weapons but PUBG Mobile weighs heavily on the costumes and clothing for their characters. Players can be as goofy as they want with the customization options. With that in mind, remember to load up on your PUBG Mobile Battle Points to have fun expressing yourselves through these customizations.


All in all, both games have their pros and cons as mentioned above. It all depends on what players look for in a game and their own personal preferences. This is by no means a complete list of specifications and comparison between the two. As more updates and patches are rolled out, these games are sure to be better than what they are now.

So, what do you think? Which battle royale mobile game do you prefer? Battle it out in the comments below!

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