PDF Editor for Free: A Guide on Rotating PDF Documents Online


Nowadays, some people stopped using paper as their files and started using digital documents. Since its invention, it instantly took over the industry for its effortless uses. One of the most used and standard digital document formats is PDF.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It is a file extension designed to be a read-only format and cannot be easily modified. It is most commonly known for its high accessibility in file sharing, viewing, and printing.

But sometimes, a PDF file needs editing and customizing. Fortunately, there is a lot of software that can help you, just like PDFBear. It is an online platform that helps you rotate, convert, or modify PDF documents. Plus, it is entirely free to access.

Steps on How to Rotate PDF

PDFBear is one of the best free online file editors available out there. They provide vast services, such as PDF rotation and conversion. Below are the steps on how to rotate a PDF.

Visit PDFBear Website

Since PDFBear is online software, you need to visit its website on your device’s internet browser. You can either use computers or mobile phones in accessing and using the site’s services. From PDFBear’s homepage, and select the ‘Rotate PDF’ button located on the last set of options below.

Upload your PDF Documents

To start the process, you need to upload the PDF files from your device to the PDFBear’s cloud servers. You can drag the document from your computer and drop them to the web page’s designated upload area. Alternatively, click the ‘Select Files’ button and start selecting the files that you wish to rotate from your laptop or mobile phone.

Start Rotating your PDF

After uploading the desired files, you can start the editing process using PDFBear. You can select three different options to rotate your PDF, such as the angles in 90, 180, and 270 degrees. Click the button with circular arrows of your chosen perspective and then apply changes.

Download and Save to Device

The last step to complete the PDF rotation process is to save the file to your Android phone or computer. To do this, click the ‘Download’ button on the website and enjoy using your document. Editing PDFs has never been more accessible with PDFBear.

The Advantages of PDF Rotation Using PDFBear

Every file editing software boasts its unique and satisfying features, especially PDFBear. These features can easily be turned into advantages that help you edit files with ease. Below are one of the best features you can find in an online PDF editor, like PDFBear.

Multi-Uploads Function

One of PDFBear’s most productive features is multi-uploads functionality. With this, you can upload multiple PDF documents and rotate them instantly, all at just one click. PDFBear ensures that you can save time and effort while using its services.


When it comes to compatibility, PDFBear is one of the most reliable online PDF editors. It is compatible with any computer running Mac, Windows, and Linux Operating Systems. You can also access its service through mobile phones with Android OS.


PDFBear puts security at the top of their priorities. They ensure the encryption of your data throughout the rotation process. All of the files that you have shared with the site will be permanently deleted after an hour. PDFBear has always been reliable and relevant for rotating PDF files with ease.

User-Friendly Interface

Despite equipping a bunch of features, PDFBear has a user-friendly interface that lets you quickly access its services. Another upshot with this platform is that all of PDFBear’s services are performed in their cloud servers, so you don’t need to install any offline software.


Choosing a trustworthy and relevant PDF editor online may be difficult. It is highly recommended to use PDFBear for its quality assurance. If you are looking forward to rotating or editing PDF documents, do not hesitate to consider PDFBear your choice.


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