Online SEO Analysis of your Website

In this post, we would be listing out the different SEO factors that you have to keep in check while you are ranking for a higher position.

In this post, we would be listing out the different SEO factors that you have to keep in check while you are ranking for a higher position. It should be evident to you that search engine optimization is the only thing that can take you to the top shelves and this analysis is very important because the ranking factors of the search engine can keep on changing, so you have to stay in the loop and be updated. If you monitor your site regularly, then you can easily help yourself in tracking the changes in your page or site.

Content duplication

Content duplication, which is also known as content plagiarism, is very bad for search engine optimization. People usually focus on the use of plagiarism checker tools when they are creating new content for complete authentication. Still, you must understand that plagiarism is a menace for which you have to look out for every single day even after publication. It is possible that good quality and unique content can take you to the top shelves, but it is even more likely that the same content can get you de-indexed.

The reason that your content can be fatal for your site is that if someone else is copying or duplication from you. You must understand that duplicate content is very bad for a positive SEO score. Even if you are on the receiving side of plagiarism, you can suffer from the same adverse effects. When your content is duplicated on another site, it makes two versions of it on the internet. Now the search engine cannot rank one site over the other if both of them are having the same content on them. To get rid of this confusion, the search engine simply de-ranks both or all of them!

Page speed

Page speed is one of the leading SEO factors that you need to analyze for sure. The page speed is especially important for you to maintain. If your site or page takes more than four seconds to load, then you must know that the users would reject it and once it is rejected by the traffic the search engine would also de-rank it from its SERPs. The search engine is only interested in the sites and pages which have the most optimized interface.

Page speed can be improved if you compress your files, including images by using third-party tools on the internet. It should be clear that without an optimal speed, your site is the least interesting, so you need to monitor and analyze this factor regularly!

Broken backlinks

Backlinks are an important part of search engine optimization. People usually do not care about backlinks once they are added to the pages or sites. This is a quite common mistake that one should never make, especially when ranking for a higher position. Seo analysis is not only of the simple factors and things on your site but also the off-page and complex ones. It would be great if you understood that broken backlinks are the ones that can send a negative message to the traffic about your webpage. These can result in a negative score, and your site can suffer a lot in the long run if you do not monitor your backlinks.

Keyword ranking position

Keywords are important in content writing and SEO, but you must know that these are the only part of your content that can trigger the position of your page. The position of a keyword can keep on changing from time to time based on its search density. Say if you have ranked your site for a specific keyword, then there is always a possibility that the keyword can get lowered with its position and this can directly affect your ranking position on the SERPs. You have to use the modern keyword rank checker tools to monitor the position of your keywords and your site.

Analyzing the website in one place

If you want free tools that can assist you in understanding your website metrics and analyze it completely for different aspects, then you need to hook up with the free SEO rank checker offered by This website has many SEO tools in which one of the premium ones is SEO checker as the name tells us is that this tool can help monitor your overall SEO position to the search engine. This SEO audit tool is very friendly and easy to use. One can use the SEO rank checker utility without any experience.

SEO test online utility by SST can help you in seeing what’s going on your site on a general level, you can find out about different issues on your site and know how to fix them, you can find what is working and what’s not on your site with this tool, and you can also identify what needs to be changed, removed or improved. This SEO rank checker tool is a very useful one.

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