Keeping Your Utility Bill Low


How To Save On Your Utility Bill

The general cost of living here in Singapore is rising. As a result, the rising cost of utility bills might be a problem for some people. Not to mention, there has been a thirty percent increase in the price of water in Singapore as well. There’s been a rise in electricity tariffs by one dollar and fifty cents per kWh, and even the gas tariff has increased too.

With all this, many of us are sure to feel like pulling our hairs out. But do not fear, we have a few simple tips to help you manage and reduce your utility bill costs! Learn more about the singapore electricity tariff while you’re at it to understand how your electricity bill is calculated.

1.   Use your air conditioners less

As hot as Singapore is, it is a very good idea to reduce your air condition consumption. Why? The reason is that the air conditioner alone takes up around forty percent of your electricity bill. This is based on a study by the National Environment Agency.

So obviously, the reduction in the usage of air conditioning will surely bring down your overall costs. An alternative to the air conditioner is to get yourself a fan. Be it a standing fan or one that you can install on your ceiling, using a fan can help you save up to four hundred dollars a year, according to E2 Singapore.

However, if you are someone who cannot live without your air conditioner, here are a few extra tips for you. Firstly, you could leave your air conditioner on for about an hour. After that, once the room has cooled, switch to the fan. This would definitely help you to cut costs.

At the same time, you should also close your curtains during the hottest periods of the day. This will help to make sure that the heat does not enter your space, giving you a more cooling room.

2.   Use a water-saving kit

Luckily for you, the Public Utilities Board (PUB) provides every household with a free water savings kit. In this kit, there are four thimbles for taps and two more for showerheads.

Water wastage tends to come from the shower, kitchen, and laundry. As such, with these thimbles (that have three to four holes), people will be better able to reduce their water usage by adjusting their flow rate.

This is a plus point for people who enjoy taking long showers.

Another tip to reduce your water bill is to choose water-efficient taps, showers, and toilet bowls too.

3.   LED lights for the win

When you are picking out electronic gadgets or if you are in the furnishing process, it is always good to opt for energy-efficient gadgets. This would help to ensure that the electronics in your house are using electricity efficiently.

To determine how efficient these gadgets or products are, Singapore has a rating system that allows you to see how efficient it is. These ratings are used on refrigerators, washing machines, and air conditioners to name just a few. Five ticks is an “excellent” rating, it is always encouraged to choose three (“good”) ticks and above.

When it comes to your lights, it is always a good idea to pick LED lights.

4.   Wash your clothes only when there is a full load

Guess the percentage usage of water within a household when it comes to laundry?

A good fifteen percent.

This can all be changed if you cut down on the number of times you do the laundry in a week or month. It is a good idea to collect your clothes until it is able to fill your washing machine before washing. This could easily be a week’s worth of clothes. Additionally, you should opt for energy-efficient and water-efficient dryers and washing machines to help reduce electricity and water usage.

Another tip would be to pick front loading washing machines as they tend to have much more space meaning that you do not need to keep washing multiple times. Also, if you can air-dry your clothes, do that. It saves you the money spent on using the dryer. Let nature help you!

5.   Mop the floor less often

Yes, this may be a turn off to many people who enjoy having a clean floor. However, there is no need to mop your floor every single day.

While the floor might tend to collect dust every day, it does not necessarily mean taking the mop out and mopping it. You could just easily sweep the dust away and you have a clean floor once again!

In order to save water, you could collect used water with a pail when you are going for a shower. This water can be used for other activities such as cleaning the toilet bowl or watering the plants. Even for mopping the floor.

6.   Have an eco-friendly home

One way to help reduce your utility bill is to create a habit. And that habit would be to be a conscious user and being one who ensures that the decisions made are beneficial not only to the self but to the environment too. Did you know that if you stopped using the air conditioner, you could cut down half of your carbon footprint? These little things can help you not only save your money but the planet too. Here are some extra tips we have for you!

  • Purchase API wraps to be used instead of single-use plastic wraps.
  • Use reusable bags when you are going shopping for groceries or daily items
  • Opt for natural bamboo charcoal deodorizer mini bags and swap your thirsty hippos out.


In the end, it is not only your job to ensure that your utility bill is low. It is an effort that everyone in the household has to participate in. Educate your children on the need to reduce their usage and how their actions not only affect you in terms of your bills but how it will also help the environment if they were more environmentally conscious. Hopefully, these tips are helpful to you and we wish you all the best!

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