Importance of Digital Marketing in Post-COVID-19 Era


The global pandemic has changed the entire way the business operated before. Organizations with their employees are working remotely, and people are spending more time in their respective residences. With the internet’s availability across all mobile and laptop or electronic devices, consumers are accessing the internet more than ever before. It is a massive opportunity for digital marketers to unleash different creativity potentials for business growth and revenue generation.

COVID-19 outbreak has wrecked businesses across all the industries. And the stats show the increasing propagation of the virus around the world. With this rigorous scenario, the companies are geared up to face the COVID-19 challenges in their operations.

While all of us are unsure about what the scenario is going to be like post-COVID-19, we are all sure about one thing- social distancing will continue to be a norm. No matter what environment it will be, physical interaction will be limited.

One more thing we are sure of is that online business is expected to boom during the post-COVID-19 era as well.

According to Brainvire, This COVID-19 has forced the majority of businesses to rethink their marketing strategies. The current pandemic situation is oriented to rapid change and faster decision-making. This enables businesses to make a proactive plan for their Customer Marketing landscape.

What can small or medium, large-scale, and other vulnerable businesses do to strengthen their customer marketing and avail the pre-assured results?

#1. Meet Your Customers Where They Are Today

The crisis has made the entire world work from home.

People are now closely aligned with their family and friends. They opt for local businesses more for their day to day needs, this has increased customer’s distrust for the renowned brands.

Businesses of all sectors can take this opportunity to increase their customer loyalty through some customer-centric actions. Here are several tips for the same –

  • To set ‘Voice of the Customer’ programs to understand the customer’s references to COVID-19 or other shifts.
  • Use of social listening to study customer needs related to your product.
  • Stay honest with your offerings and availability.
  • Be careful about your actions and balance the response.

#2. Optimize Your Online Presence

 As the world around us changes due COVID-19, so does our business and this has a direct impact on your company’s workflow. Customers tend to stay safe and communicate virtually looking at the constant surge in the virus cases.

Social distancing has emerged as a new normal way of interaction. Hence the businesses depending on the face to face meetings and reciprocity have to change their strategy. They have to put in some efforts to establish or recreate their online presence. And come up with the comprehensive online strategies.

#3. Engage In Relation Marketing

 As the world suffers from the virus, focus more on showing empathy towards your customers. Your concern messages or emails to your customers help you build better customer reliability and loyalty. It not only benefits the business but also serves customer needs. Here are some tips to follow –

  • Minimize or don’t use the traditional methods of Relation Marketing like – Bulk emails and messages, or social media posts.
  • Try to create personal connections.
  • Create a categorized plan of your customers based on their connections with your company or brand.

#4. Giving Free Trial Access to Your Paid Products

 People working from home get a stack of free hours to spend. They strive to learn new things during their spare time. Giving free trial access to your paid products to such enthusiasts creates an effective impact on your customers.

This approach works as your subsidiary marketing strategy as it has a lot of benefits:

  • Increases brand recognition
  • Improves the engagement
  • Creates publicity
  • Maximizes media coverage
  • Spreads the word of mouth
  • Doesn’t need any extra expenditure

#5. Optimizing Your Social Media Presence

Since the beginning of this Novel CoronaVirus outbreak, businesses endeavored the use of social media handles in a more effective way. Facebook’s recent analysis says – the use of social media since pandemic has increased by 50%.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram help you drive the huge amount of clicks and users. Investing in the paid advertisements on these platforms aids you reach to the targeted audience.

To Summarize

Here are a few strategies that will surely come in handy to maintain business profitability during COVID and even after the scenario is better.

  1. Always be present and visible to your customers. As we said, online businesses have the opportunity to boom. If you do not have a loud online presence, you might as well maybe non-existent even for your loyal customers.
  2. Employee safety will continue to remain of high importance. Report all kinds of changes into the services your are offering. Ensure you are maintaining the hygiene and social distancing whenever you are delivering something to the customer.
  3. Don’t forget to take valuable feedback. You might have observed how all major ecommerce channels largely rely on gaining their customers’ valuable feedback. Continue your quest to determine new customer service protocols and always, always listen to your customers.

The importance and essentiality of digital marketing have increased tremendously over the past few months, and it will grow further. Therefore, every organization should dedicate a task force, time, and resources for the innovative development of digital marketing campaigns.

Narration and Directives

Every other individual is experiencing the pandemic outbreaks in every other way possible. As a responsible brand, there should be effective mindfulness to accept the crisis rather than address the opportunity. Instead of boosting product advertisements and marketing communications, it will be more efficient if the brands focus on carrying out mindful and in-depth conversations with their consumers regularly.

During this era, every person needs support and understanding. Therefore, product push strategies will be kept at bay post-COVID-19 era. The period will drive the marketing campaigns to initiate a deeper level of connection with their target audience and serve their necessities with a smile.

Cautious Optimism for The Future

Brands need to focus on different optimistic and beneficial marketing campaigns for their audiences, thereby initiating more positivity and hope for the future. Companies will start to target new products for the generation and develop suitable plans for them to rediscover their requirements. The human race is now mentally prepared to accept any future diversities. Thereby, brands should not get too touchy or too personal with their advertisements.

Positivity and optimism are required to a certain level. However, there should not be too much push product marketing campaigns that will be daunting for the consumers at this point in a crucial time.

Offbeat and Authentic Themes

During the COVID-19 crisis, every other brand is heading towards producing unique content and creating powerful strategies for content marketing. To get victory amidst all the fallacies, it is necessary to develop unique themes with authentic and unique content for the entire brand. To create a long-lasting impression in consumers’ minds, it is required to touch the emotional side of the purchase along with supporting with enough practical suggestions needed for the guidance.

After the placements of contactless deliveries and online digital payments, it is a high time to teach something unique and extraordinary to tap the sensory systems of the target audience. The high retention of the marketing campaigns will ensure people remember the brand name and ask for the same before making a purchase. It is necessary to develop a brand strategy that is niche and satisfies the current scenarios of the crisis.

Job vacancies and Employment

After the COVID-19 pandemic, it is evident that digital marketing and internet usage will be shooted. There will be new opportunities created for livelihood, and people will have more access to valuable information available online. There will be a dramatic shift in the education industry and other sectors that will drive the economy.

In digital marketing, there will be additional roles created for the brands to collaborate and facilitate the successful establishment of social media platforms and their subsequent happenings. The digital marketing campaigns undertaken by companies will open up new vacancies in the form of SEO specialists, email marketers, social media marketing managers, content developers, and managers, digital marketing specialists, and related roles.

Agencies for Digital Marketing

Brands will have two options – one is to hire a team for digital marketing, and the second is to hire an agency for conducting the activities. Both of these options have their advantages and drawbacks, which should be considered by the companies before engaging human resources.

There are three types of digital marketing agencies, i.e., freelancers, internet marketing organizations, and in-house staff performing digital marketing. This is an extreme transformation compared to the basic requirements and vacancies of organizations, where a handful of people were allotted additional responsibilities to handle the social media campaigns.


Digital marketing strategies can boost online sales post-COVID-19 era, and companies need to redistribute their budget for the same. Digital marketing has already supported various businesses to stay relevant during this severe crisis, thereby establishing meaningful relationships with their loyal customer base.

With higher reachability and more in-depth interactions, brands must connect with their audience through social media, and digital marketing strategies post the pandemic era for growth. Therefore, it is evident that digital marketing will be strengthened and innovated primarily after the pandemic.

 The market is going under severe alteration because of a large economic impact, all thanks to the coronavirus. Companies must be prepared to face all sorts of challenges and competitions in order to survive the tough market situation.

If you are looking to invest, don’t forget the following relevant areas- social media marketing (50 %), CRM (47 %), and content marketing (48 %).

No doubt, the COVID-19 era has brought a number of different challenges for everyone, both personally and professionally. Even in this COVID-19 situation, there is also a place to run business and different marketing activities for your business. With the sudden effect on the industry, businesses now strive to utilize various digital marketing strategies. These listed suggestions will help you in a better understanding of the situation.

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