How Will AR Influence Mobile App Development


The world of technology is moving at lightning fast speeds. Things change in a matter of days as better, smarter and quicker ideas come into effect. Nowadays, there is no escaping the influences of this tech revolution; we are all living our lives enabled by the advances in science and technology.

In 2018, AR development is gaining momentum. What was once the stuff of sci-fi movies is fast becoming a very viable everyday reality for entrepreneurs and individual users alike. Augmented Reality is all set to drive android mobile development in the future.

Your Reality – Made Better With AR!

Augmented Reality or AR is a subset of virtual reality that holds significant potential for mobile app developers and gamers alike. explains augmented reality as a modern technology that uses superimposed images and sound to enhance the way we see the world around us. Google Glass uses this technology, right alongside wildly popular game apps i.e. Pokémon Go! and Zombies, Run!.

If you’ve played these games or used Google Glass, you’ll know that AR doesn’t completely replace the visuals. Instead, it only modifies the reality enough so users can continue to interact with the real world while walking the delicate line along what’s real and what’s merely a recreation of the virtual.

It’s Proving to Be A Useful Tool for App Developers

It may not be as exciting as the rollercoaster rides offered by virtual reality. But AR has some essential uses of its own.

It has a wonderful ability to enhance the way we feel, hear, see and experience the world at large. AR brings the capabilities of the virtual world into the real world, and that has given app development companies a huge playground, significantly increasing their ability to develop apps that blur the line between the real and the virtual.

Augmented reality-based mobile apps aren’t just for gamers; these are prevailing in a variety of domains including media, gaming, travel, marketing and of course, entertainment. According to research by Statista, AR-related apps will have acquired 1 billion users by 2020. There will be some 5.4 million units of Google Glass shipped by 2020. And these numbers mean that AR apps are ready to burst on to the market and experience exponential growth within the next two years or so. Some estimate that this market will be worth 90 billion USD by 2020.

AR Apps Have an Immense Potential for Marketing and Business

For starters, it is a lot more exciting and much easier to augment an existing reality than it is to create a virtual one from scratch. Augmented reality apps and games can be used on any run-of-the-mill tablets, smartphones, computers, and laptops, without the need to purchase any specialized equipment.

This means that AR-based apps have a huge potential for widespread use. And as the idea of wearable tech continues to grow, so does the potential of an AR app. Imagine, an info-bubble popping up from the Fitbit on your wrist as you come closer to that favorite healthy eating restaurant of yours. And in the bubble, you can see the hottest deals happening there right now. Or maybe you could send people your visiting cards virtually using AR technology at a conference. AR gives you the ability to do a lot with a simple app. It can give immense power to businesses and their marketers. And that’s why AR will continue to grow in use and popularity in the next few years.

We have already arrived at a reality where smartphones are more like extended appendages to our bodies. And with the advent of AR, the chances are that our realities are about to be revolutionized as well. As long as the business can find reliable app developers with quality coding practices for their AR ambitions, there is no stopping them.

Augmented reality Apps – The Future is Here!

Augmented reality apps can enhance a business’s capacity to connect with their new prospects and existing customers alike. The interactive experience offered by these apps opens an exciting new venue for two-way communication between brands and their buyers.

There’s already a considerable number of apps around that offer AR capabilities, and we aren’t even including game apps such as Pokémon GO!. Some of our favorite AR apps include:

·        Gadget flow

This app is showing great promise at making online shopping easier and more reliable. It lets buyers have an AR-powered glimpse at the product they are buying, so they can be sure of the size and specs before the product is ever shipped to them. You can find this on both Apple iTunes and Google Play.

·        Eyemaps

Do you need AR-powered intel on your surroundings? This app can be integrated with your home’s surveillance cameras and give you a complete map including interesting geographical facts, and 3D renders of essential locations nearby.

·        Housecraft

Designing your home? Wouldn’t it be great to see a 3D render of what you’ve planned for the new house before you even build it? That’s precisely what this AR app does for you. It is essentially a dataset of objects, plants, furniture and other home décor things that lets you design space and see it in 3D as you go along.

Conclusion: Augmented Reality Is the Best of Both Worlds

Augmented Reality adds a digital layer to our existing reality. It blurs out the divide between the real and digital worlds and offers exciting unexplored venues for mobile apps for businesses. The AR apps promise to enhance the interactions between the physical and virtual worlds, and the users don’t ever have to go out of their way again to find the information they need. AR apps and devices can present all location-based information instantly, at a click or two at most. These apps not only change how we interact with the digital realm but also have the power to enhance the human senses, making us see, hear and feel more than we ever thought possible. And a great AR-enabled app is how we can do it all.

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