How will AI-enabled productivity tools change the workplace and professionals?


The one productivity app to rule them all

AI has meant to break its way into the productivity world for many years now. I’ve been dying to review the “all-in-one AI based productivity manager” for many years on my YouTube channel, but it just hasn’t come about.

The dream of having one resource to rule them all hasn’t become the reality that we’ve prepared ourselves for in 2017. The reality is that productivity apps have only accepted a dosage of AI into their system in the last 18 months.

Some great examples of that are with Doist, the creators of the task manager app, Todoist has introduced a “Smart Schedule” using machine learning to detect the urgency and context of a task and re-organizing it within your busy schedule based on a variant of factors. Other resources in the productivity space have gone boldly introducing more advanced chatbots to help you get things done, the likes of Any.DO introduced the chatbot for simple tasks at the end of last 2016, with no raving reviews.

As you can see these smaller features being introduced in existing traditional productivity resources is a starting point. Sure, we now have the likes of IBM Watson, Amazon Alexa, and Siri becoming smarter by the year, but nothing that has become actionable to your productivity. But AI-enabled resources will be the revolution we are waiting for in the workplace.

I’m certain of it. AI as a learning resource will be introduced as a core experience into more and more productivity resources.

I’m certain of it. AI as a learning resource will be introduced as a core experience into more and more productivity resources.

The end goal. Yes, an all-in-one resource.

This would connect with all of the other services you use for getting things done. Imagine, a hub of productivity with a system that detects your workflow, interactions with other resources, accepts your planning process and improves your day to day with actionable insights and suggestions. This would be the app you open in the morning and don’t close until the evening, without any need to shut off.

The resource would be your spearhead to decision making and planning versus being something you’d use to get things done. Resources that you use to get things done would stay the same, e.g. Microsoft Word, email, design resources, WordPress, etc.

This all-in-one app will help you to create everything for your day so that you can fit it all in, and it will be responsive to your current/future workload.

These musings are years in advance, but this thesis of being all consumed in one resource is a reality in the next 5–10 years. For personal productivity, a resource of this scale would help to redefine the work: people will spend less time planning and more doing.

Francesco D’Alessio

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