How to Use Typorama for Making Creative Designs

The Typorama app can create some mind-blowing typographical text art. If you are eager to learn typography and don’t have any idea about designing software. Then you can use the Typorama app to learn typography quickly.

Although this designing application is for your mobile device. However, you can follow thesoftforpc to download the Typorama app for your computer. Read the article further to find out about the methods of creating design with this app


How to Use Typorama for Making Creative Designs

The Typorama app requires zero skills to create some fantastic and unique designs. Here, I’ll illustrate the feature of Typorama that helps to make some creative design.

Poster Customization

The Typorama app allows you to customize any kind of poster. Just add posters into this app and edit those posters with some cool new design. You can add contemporary clip art or another photo to make the poster more attractive.

Text Layouts

You can use the Typorama app to add text and change its layout in any pictures. You can make any photo informative with those texts. Like adding a title to a group photo or adding some inspirational quotes to a poster. It not only makes the image or poster more attractive but also informative.

Typography Generator

You can choose from the forty different typographic styles on this app. This typography style can be used to make some wonderful scripts from famous designers. With this app, you can take any image and make it beautiful.

Change Shape

This app has an advanced cropping tool that allows you to change the shape of any picture. You change the shape of any image or posters by cropping or zooming in or out. Sometimes picture shape and size make the picture look unusable.

Designing Tools

You can customize a picture as you please with the designing tools on this app. This app has a 3D distortion tool that helps you to give a 3D effect on the picture’s texts. With the text-shadow feature, you can make the picture look even better.

Adjustments Tools

In this app, you can change the backgrounds and filters of an image by using the adjustment tools. You can recreate and give the picture a new design by changing the filter and backgrounds.

Watermarks and Logos

This app helps to customize a picture in your own way. It is a great way to promote a brand on social media. The font’s type shape and color can be

changed with this app. It will help you to re-design the picture and make it in your own way.

Bottom Line

If you wish to add an amazing design to your posters, the Typorama app is perfect for you. This app comes with 50 various typographic designs. That helps you to add different types of texts to a picture. So that you can creatively add your favorite quotes. You can also follow thesoftforpc to find out more features of this app.

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