How to Use a VPN to Watch Sky Sports Abroad


VPNs are excellent unblocking tools, and if you’re hardcore sports junkie you’ve probably thought about using one to unblock Sky Sports.

Worried doing that is too complicated, though?

No problem – we’ll show you exactly how to use a VPN for Sky Sports in this quick guide.

Here’s How to Unblock Sky Sports with a VPN

First, you’ll need to get yourself a VPN. If you don’t know where to find a good one, use this link ( It’s a guide from ProPrivacy that compares the best Sky Sports VPNs on the market.

Next, download and install the VPN app on your device. You shouldn’t have any problems with that since pretty much all top providers have user-friendly apps for all platforms (Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, Linux, etc.).

Now, run the VPN app. Look for a VPN server that’s located in the UK or ROI. Select it and wait for the app to connect to the server.

Once that’s done, go to the Sky Sports site, and start binging all the content you want.

Yes, it’s that simple!

Do All VPNs Unblock Sky Sports?

Not exactly.

You see, Sky Sports uses geo-blocks for a reason. For one, citizens in the UK and ROI have to pay a TV license tax when they watch Sky content. So the geo-blocks are legally required. Otherwise, it wouldn’t really be fair for the taxpayers.

Even if that weren’t an issue, Sky still couldn’t stream all the matches they wanted worldwide. After all, they don’t own the rights to them. Instead, they bought the right to stream them in the UK and ROI (and some EU countries for a short period, but we’ll get to that soon).

So Sky has good reasons to use and enforce geo-blocks. And they make sure unblocking tools don’t bypass them by detecting and blocking VPN IP addresses.

And some VPN providers (especially free ones) just don’t have the financial resources to keep up with that. So their IPs get blocked, and their services can’t circumvent Sky Sports.

Only top providers can get around that kind of blocking 24/7. They refresh their IPs on a regular basis, and they offer teens or hundreds of server locations in the UK and ROI.

To make sure you pick a VPN service that gets the job done, you don’t have to try different services. Instead, you can just use this guide ( to save yourself some time and effort.

How Exactly Does a VPN Unblock Sky Sports?

It’s actually pretty simple. VPNs “hide” your IP address from Sky Sports to prevent the site from seeing your true geo-location. They do that by routing your traffic through a VPN server that basically acts as a middleman between your device and Sky Sports’ site.

Sounds a bit vague? No problem – here’s a quick explanation of how the whole process works:

  1. First, you use a VPN app to connect to a VPN server in the UK or ROI.
  2. The two establish a secure connection between them.
  3. From then on, when you visit Sky Sports, the VPN server will intercept all your connection requests.
  4. Then, it will forward them to Sky Sports for you. So the site will think the requests are coming from the server, not your device.
  5. Because of that, Sky Sports will only see the VPN server’s IP address (so a British or Irish IP) instead of your own IP.

And that’s how a VPN “hides” your IP address. If it still sounds too complicated, take a look at this image instead:

Wait – I Thought I Could Watch Sky Sports Abroad! What’s Going On?

You can, but there’s a catch – you can only watch Sky content in specific EU countries and territories. Use this link to see the whole list (click the Countries where you can watch Sky FAQ).

That’s not all. Even if you are in one of those locations, you’ll still have to deal with limitations. Specifically, you can only stream content up to 37 days. Once they’re up, you have to do watch Sky content in the UK or ROI to reset the countdown. So it’s not very convenient if you’re taking an extended trip there.

Are There Other Ways You Can Unblock Sky Sports?

Yes, there are two more methods you can use to unblock Sky Sports: proxies and Smart DNS services.

1. Proxies

A proxy works just like a VPN – it’s a server that sits between you and Sky Sports. So it hides your IP address to keep your geo-location a secret.

Besides that, they also have a local caching ability. Basically, they can save requested content (like Sky Sport’s home page) to their local cache. When you request it, the proxy doesn’t need to forward your connection to Sky Sports’ site. Instead, it retrieves the content from the cache, delivering faster load times.

2. Smart DNS Services

This tool helps you unblock Sky Sports by changing your DNS settings (so that they don’t leak your geo-location) and routing your traffic through different proxy servers in the UK or ROI.

A Smart DNS also intercepts your DNS queries, and replaces any data that reveals your geo-location with new information that points to a place in the UK or ROI.

And since they don’t use any encryption, you can enjoy your original speeds without experiencing slowdowns.

Are They Better Than VPNs?

That’s up to you to decide. Just keep in mind a VPN can work as a three-in-one deal. By that, we mean they can offer proxy functionality through their servers, and provide access to a built-in Smart DNS service.

So, in our opinion, you’re much better off with a VPN.

Have You Ever Used a VPN to Unblock Sky Sports?

What was your experience like? Were you able to instantly unblock the site, or did you encounter issues?

Please let us know in the comments. Also, if you know other ways to unblock Sky Sports abroad, don’t forget to mention them.

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