How to start a video game company

Large game development companies invest hundreds of millions in game development. But they all once started with small studios. The start of work on this market isn’t easy. Still, some companies, such as non uk casino sites, manage to do this. Nowadays in game development, there is a paradoxical situation. The fact is that on the current platforms for selling games the competition has reached its top.

Market dynamics

At the first glance, it seems that such figures show the dynamics of market growth. The overwhelming majority of these games, created by just small development teams, do not reach the required level of quality, and artificially create competition. It is very difficult for really good games to break through such a sieve on their own, and they need marketing support.

They are also constantly growing because platforms regularly increase the cost of attracting players togames. To recoup development and marketing costs, the game must show very good dynamics of keeping players in the game, converting a player into a payer. The player’s average payment must also be high enough. The result is a situation in which the number of games is constantly growing, while the number of paying players is limited and increases at a much lower rate.

How to create a successful business

For a game to be successful from a business point of view, a successful combination of many factors is necessary:

  • a very high-quality game;
  • a strong team of specialists;
  • experience or ready-made technological developments in creating a game;
  • sufficient development and marketing budgets;
  • the absence of new strong competitors during the creation of the game;
  • accurate hitting the taste preferences of the audience.

Combining all the factors is obtained by the world’s largest studios, which have already achieved success before and can replicate profitable cases. It is due to them that the total earnings in the gaming market are growing. But for small and medium studios, the picture is far from so well. It is now very difficult for them to compete with the monsters of the industry. If you are registering an online-gaming business, it would be a good idea to get positive reviews on aggregator sites like

Investment search

Investment is important if you have a business plan, team, and experience. This is beneficial to both parties, both the investor and those in whom they invest. But no one forbids making games in indie style, without an investor and a small team. Depends on the tastes of the team

As for starting a small studio, everything is very simple. One person is enough to start developing their own game. Fortunately, technical means have long not only helped to optimize some processes but can replace them altogether.

As for investments, it is better to make the first project small without additional money. This will add responsibility and experience to the released project. If you want to do something huge right away, it’s important to make yourown expense a slender MFP (minimum functional product), a prototype of the game. Then it can be shown to potential investors and presented at exhibitions or conferences. This will give invaluable feedback and possibly find funding and a publisher. Game budgets are globally different, but even for a very small project, be prepared to part with $ 20,000-30,000 for a more serious $ 60,000-100,000.

What to start with

Before starting your studio, you should first work for a while in a large gaming company. This will help to solve the following tasks:

  • To study in practice how processes are organized with a large number of employees, development tools, documentation, and planning;
  • Understand whether this is your business and whether you want to do it;
  • In addition to external romance, you will see the reverse side of the medal, the internal kitchen, and understand how serious and difficult this work is.

Team structure

By roles, even on a small project, you will need a programmer, artist, game designer, analyst, animator, sound engineer, tester, project manager, community manager, product owner, producer, investor.

For a larger project, the number of roles required increases. Quite often, at the beginning of a studio’s development, due to savings, employees combine several roles, switching between which takes time and sometimes affects the quality of the role. It is also a popular practice to outsource some of the work, especially content. Even if you are making the game alone, it is important not to forget about the importance of each of these roles in the development of the project, since ignoring or an obvious flaw in each of these areas can negate all the efforts invested.

To sum up

It’s easy to start making a game. It is much more difficult to finish it. Make a plan and follow it, otherwise, development may take a long time. Realistically assess your strength. Bring a few small games to release, go through the full development cycle and you will gain invaluable experience and knowledge, and possibly money. There is a large selection of game engines, ready-made sources, and tutorials. On numerous forums, you can get an answer to any question. Many websites sell graphics, 3D models, and sounds.

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