How to Solve Common Macbook Performance Issues

A new Macbook should not have any performance issues at first. If it has, there is something wrong with the computer, and you need to get in touch with customer services or visit an Apple store to get to the bottom of the problem.

A new Macbook should not have any performance issues at first. If it has, there is something wrong with the computer, and you need to get in touch with customer services or visit an Apple store to get to the bottom of the problem.

On the other hand, even if a new Mac runs flawlessly, a time when it starts to slow down will come eventually. And there may be issues other than a slow loading speed.

Knowing what you can expect in advance is advantageous. This article is a good source to learn about the most common Macbook issues and how to solve them.

Issue #1 – Spinning Beachball

Some Macbook users prefer to call the spinning beachball a ball of death. While the name is not apt for every occasion, there might come a point when the issue has become so persistent that you cannot take it anymore.

The spinning beachball appears when you initiate a process while the system is still trying to complete a previous process. For example, you launch one application before another is closed.

So how can you improve the situation? Well, the simplest solution would be to restart the Macbook. You can try to force-quit an application, but that is not a possibility all the time.

If you notice that the issue occurs when you are running particular applications, it would probably be better to get rid of such information. You can find out how to uninstall Macbook’s apps on this page.

Issue #2 – Short Battery Lifespan

A short battery lifespan is not that much of an issue if you have an electric socket available to you all the time. However, there might be times when you are using the Mac outside of your home. A library, or a coffee shop, for instance.

There are a few things you can use to improve Macbook’s battery health. For starters, close background applications that you do not need. Antivirus or chat communication tools you use for work are exceptions because you need to have them running all the time, but applications that do not fall in the “necessary” category should be shut down.

Disable visual effects, such as a backlit keyboard, opening animations for the Dock, and visuals for Music. Unplug the charger once the battery is at 100 percent. Lastly, shut the Macbook down once you are finished using it instead of putting the computer in sleep mode.

Issue #3 – Slow Internet Browser

A slow internet browser is a hindrance, especially when you have to use it for work or studies. If you reach a point where it becomes almost impossible to an internet browser, the best course of action would be to delete it and install another browser.

At the same time, some people might be too used to their current web browser or have stored too much information, such as bookmarks and search history, that cannot be transferred to another browser.

If you want to improve the performance of your current internet browser, do the following:

  • remove unnecessary extensions and add-ons
  • clear the cache
  • keep the number of open browser tabs to a minimum
  • make sure that you are using the most recent version
  • install an ad blocker, so it eliminates random website pop-ups

Issue #4 – Unresponsive Microphone

The microphone is something that more Macbook users have to use nowadays. Remote work because of the pandemic requires communication with colleagues and supervisors, and voice chat is one of the most effective methods of communication.

If you are unable to use a microphone, check the system settings. Test different output and input variations. It may be that there is no response because an application does not have permission to the microphone.

Issue #5 – Flickering Screen

Compatibility issues between a GPU and the most recent update of the operating system are the most common cause behind a flickering screen.

If many Macbook users encounter flickering screens after updating the OS, it does not take long for Apple to release a hotfix. But until then, you will have to stick to restarting the computer, cleaning system junk, freeing up drive space, and resetting the PRAM.

Issue #6 – Kernel Panic

When you see a black screen with the message “You need to restart your computer,” it means that you are dealing with a kernel panic. The problem is rare, and you can solve it by restarting the Mac most of the time.

On the other hand, if a simple restart does not fix the issue, try unplugging third-party peripherals. It may be that one of your system files has been corrupted, or you accidentally deleted something. Restoring the system might solve the issue.

There might be instances when reinstalling the operating system is your only option, which is not ideal because it wipes most of the data on the Mac. At the same time, if you have no other choice, you will need to reinstall the OS.

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