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If there is one word at the heart of social media, it’s this: sharing. When people post something on social media, they want people — whether it’s their close friends and family, or the entire world — to see it. Photos, videos, and lame jokes flow freely, which makes it all the stranger that Instagram doesn’t have an easy, readily apparent way to share content you find in your feed. If you really want to learn how to repost on Instagram — an action we omitted from our roundup of some of the more popular Instagram tips and tricks — there are a couple things you can try. Sharing a photo of your friend’s latest creation or a touching graduation video isn’t as difficult as you might think.

Use a reposting app

App stores abhor vacuums. If there is a niche to be filled, some app developer will try to fill it, so it should come as no surprise that there are several apps available that allow users to repost content on Instagram, such as Repost for Instagram and Insta Repost. These apps tend to be free — with ads — and are pretty straightforward. As an example, we’ll use the apt-titled Insta Repost.

Step 1: Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app, open Instagram. Find a post you want to repost, and tap the button in upper-right corner that resembles three gray dots.instagram repost step 1

Step 2: Tap the button labeled Copy share URL.

instagram repost step 2

Step 3a: Insta Repost will then automatically launch. You will be given a prompt allowing you to choose Repost now or Save to repost later. If you want to post immediately, choose the first option.

instagram repost step 3

Step 3b: If you chose to Save to repost later, the post will be filed under the Saved section in Insta Repost, which you can access by tapping the star tab on the top. Then, when you want to repost said content, simply tap the saved post in question.

instagram repost step 4

Step 4: Whether you choose to repost now or later, you will eventually arrive at a screen like the one featured below. Once here, tap the Repost button at the bottom to post the image or video to your Instagram account.

instagram repost step 5

Take a screenshot and post it

There are plenty of reasons not to install a reposting app. Maybe you don’t want to clutter up your phone’s storage with more apps, or you don’t like the idea of giving yet another app access to your photos and files. Regardless, if you don’t want to use an app to repost, you can always just take a screenshot of a post you like and share that.

The process to take a screenshot differs from platform to platform, but, thankfully, we have guides on how to take a screenshot on an iPhone and how to take a screenshot on an Android phone. Once you take the screenshot, just go to Instagram and upload it as you would any other photo or video in your camera roll. Note that you should credit the creator of the original post!

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