The gaming industry has made inordinate strides over the years. Gaming has changed from being a time-pass activity to a multi-million dollar investment. Many of us play games primarily because we find them relaxing and fun. Then, why not consider making an earning from something you truly enjoy? Professional gaming offers multiple options for generating a revenue stream for your income and ranging from content creation to video game testing. Thus, the following are ways to make a profit by investing in the gaming industry.

Game Design & Development

Every gaming enthusiast’s dream is to create their brand of video games. If your passion for developing games is unstoppable, then the budget should not worry you too much. The average video game requires a production cost of around 5 million dollars. Additionally, you will also need a qualified and skills staff of developers, programmers, and graphic designers. Likewise, hiring a project manager is vital to oversee the entire project’s entirety, dealing with licensing and marketing tasks.

The production cost will likely intimidate you at first glance. However, people worldwide are willing to help, as long as your project grabs their attention. If you lack the budget, options like Kickstarter are great for catching investors.

Selling Account Services

Video games, nowadays, consist of several vital aspects, depending on the genre. If the game is an offline RPG, the player will likely take their time to play the game. However, online games, especially the likes of mass-multiplayer online games, beg to differ. These games need a considerable amount of time to progress through the game. With our lives getting busier with each passing day, starting a business revolving around this principle will prove advantageous.

The idea will be to play the game and grow the account for the clients. The investment you will be making here is not of money, but your time. Furthermore, several games are worth considering, but World of Warcraft stands tall amongst all. Hence, making a living by pushing the WoW classic accounts for sale is a great business strategy. The game demands extensive level and equipment grinding, increasing the appeal of such services even more.

Twitch Live Streaming

Streaming has undeniably become one of the highest-earning occupations over the years. In 2014, Amazon invested over a billion US dollars on Twitch. Many experts questioned the act, claiming it to be a flawed decision. But, looking at the platform’s success today, it is evident that Amazon was ahead of its time. Twitch has become the go-to website for viewing all kinds of gaming content. It has left behind even the likes of YouTube and Facebook Live.

Becoming a Twitch streamer opens up several pathways for you to make an earning. You can earn through donations, or you can make a subscription plan for a fixed income. Similarly, becoming a streamer is no different from being a social media influencer. Brands are likely to partner with you, offering various mediums for a notable revenue stream. Astonishingly, streaming does not necessitate a sizable investment — you can stream with the equipment you already possess. Therefore, you can never go wrong with becoming a streamer.

Video Game Journalism

The esports industry has seen tremendous growth in the past few years. The viewership of esports has become significantly higher than the view-time for traditional sports. Bearing in mind that the industry still requires recognition from media platforms, now would be the right time to get into video game journalism. It would be the ideal career investment to make with a knack for writing and interest in gaming. Not only will you visit numerous eSports events around the globe, but you will also be considered among the select few to test upcoming games.

While you can publish your content on other websites, the choice to create your web page still exists. The popularity of gaming will undeniably amass you a sizable amount of traffic to get your business running.

Joining the eSports Scene

Unless you win the lottery, earning millions overnight is not possible, or is it? Admittedly, the statement does hold some truth to it. Though possessing the right skills and talents, you are likely to earn an amount that high without breaking a sweat. Taking the Fortnite star Bugha as an example, the 16-year old made 3 million dollars in one tournament. Joining an eSports team has several other benefits as well.

Winning a global tournament may be a bit far fetched, but being part of a team has countless merits. It helps garner the attention and fame you require to become a successful streamer. Not to mention, teams pay their players quite handsomely. Though it goes without saying, the career path necessitates hard work, patience, and dedication.

Lacking either of the traits will not generate the results you may desire. Top players spend at least 8 to 10 hours practicing their specialized games. A small disclaimer would be that playing games excessively may result in a lack of interest in gaming overall.  Hence, it is advisable to consider your options adequately before proceeding further.

Pre-release Video Game Testing

Developers of all niches need reviews of professional testers before officially releasing the product. The gaming industry is no different. Video games specifically demand rigorous testing due to the complexity of the application and programming. As a tester, you will get tasked with playing the game, looking for bugs, and analyzing the game design itself. The job requires an eye for detail and extensive experience as a gamer.

Nevertheless, the chances are that you will not always be playing the games you enjoy. Similarly, you must not expect hefty sums of money right from the start. Even worse, such jobs are quite tricky to land, seeing the competition in the industry.


Unlike the 90s, the current generation has limitless options to exploit for a career path. The opportunities are only going to increase with time. Making a living by working from home is already difficult to believe, let alone earning from playing games. However, many aspiring individuals may confuse these options for a decent income. Regardless of the job’s nature, every career path demands time, skill, and commitment.

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