How To Make Your Business Environmentally-Friendly


Environmental damage is something that every person and business needs to be aware of, and it has been hard to ignore in recent years with so much alarming media coverage. Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, environmental impact has been a side-story as there has been evidence of the environment healing as a result of people and businesses being forced into changing their life-styles. This is clear evidence that taking positive action does make a difference, and moving for-ward, businesses should be making sustainability a priority – in addition to clear environmental benefits, this can also help a business by improving brand reputation and lowering costs. Here are a few ways to reduce your impact as a business:

Remote Working

One of the best ways that a business can reduce its environmental impact is remote working. This is something that many businesses have been forced to implement during COVID-19, and many have found it to be successful. The great thing about this is that it can bring many perks, in addition to greatly reducing environmental impact when it comes to energy usage as well as employee commuting.

Energy-Efficient Equipment

Leading on from this, energy usage can be high for businesses in any industry, which means that this needs to be an area that is addressed. It is certainly worth looking into using alternative energy if possible, but you should also be looking at energy-efficient equipment such as lightbulbs, equipment, and appliances. In addition to greatly reducing your impact, this can also make a big difference to your utility bill each month too.

Increase Recycling

Recycling is another area that needs to be a priority. You should always recycle anything that you can to prevent landfill from building up unnecessarily. A great way to increase and streamline recycling is through the use of baler services as a high-quality recycling baler can make it quick and easy to compact recyclable materials into an easy-to-manage bundle which can then easily be stored and transported.

Use Local &/Or Green Suppliers

It is not just your own operation that you should be looking at as you should also consider your suppliers. Using a local and/or green supplier will make a big difference to your own footprint as you could reduce this by using a local company (while also stimulating the local economy) and a company that prides itself on being green.

Encourage Staff To Walk/Cycle Or Start A Carpool

If you do have staff coming into the office, you should try to encourage them to walk/cycle where possible so that they are reducing their environmental impact. If this is not possible, then using public transport or starting a carpool will be more eco-friendly than having multiple people drive into work.

These are all highly effective ways that you can make your business more environmentally friendly. This is something that every business needs to prioritize and could make a big difference to the environment, plus you should also find that becoming eco-friendly can bring a range of additional advantages too.

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