How to Create a Money-Making Mobile App


How to Make a Mobile Application in 9 Steps

Are you about to create your own app and don’t know how to make it profitable? We offer you detailed instruction, consisting of 9 easy steps. It will help you find a great idea and ease the process of starting an app.

1. Create an idea

According to the statistics, there are more than 4 million apps on the Internet. At first, it may seem that it’s impossible to create something revolutionary and innovative in 2021. However, we prepared a few methods for how to make money making mobile apps that really work.

  • Mashup method

The first method to create an app is to mix the best features of already existing applications. It can bring you to a great solution. You need to analyze which apps you use the most frequently and what you like in each of them. Then combine these features in your unique application.

  • Satisfy your own needs

Define a personal problem, which existing apps can’t solve. Then, create your own app that fulfills your requirements. If many other people have the same needs, your application can become money-making. Note your ideas, and probably you’ll be able to make a mobile app, which will be better than the present ones in a certain niche.

  • Upgrade the present application

There is no need to build an application from scratch. If you think that some application you often use needs improvement, here lies an idea. Find a problem to be solved or a lacking feature. Check out the user reviews and find out what is missing. Then implement it in your application.

If you use these ideas for mobile application development in 2021 by, you get an excellent opportunity to develop something cutting-edge.

2. Draft the features

Take your application idea and make a feature list. This action helps define app originality and purpose. Write everything down as precisely as possible. Involve the navigation model of an application. After that, analyze the written features and remove the unnecessary ones. Don’t include the features, which are “good to have.” You can add them in an update. Concentrate on the core points so you don’t overwhelm your application.

3. Personalize your design

When inventing apps, developing a unique design is a crucial step. Designing an application is much more than selecting a color scheme. Developers should consider the following things to invent an original app style.

  • App icon

This is the first thing the users will pay attention to while looking for and using your application. It shouldn’t merely look nice; it should tell users about some functions or purposes. A good-looking splash screen is also crucial, as it is the first thing users see while launching. They get acquainted with an application with the help of it. Make their first impression exciting.

  • App layout

The way you organize your app is crucial for customer experience. Each of us has probably deleted an application because of its inconvenience, no matter how useful it was. So, consider the layout thoroughly. Aesthetic factor isn’t the main one that matters. Remember, it should be well-organized on any smartphone.

  • Colors and fonts

Make sure the content is easily readable. Don’t concentrate the user’s attention on the bright colors or garish fonts. The latest market tendencies show that minimalism is the most appropriate choice for building android and iOS apps. But adding a highlight is necessary as well to make your app design recognizable.

4. Hire a reliable development company

Before assigning any company to the development process, check out the reviews about them. It is crucial to check out the apps they previously launched and their user reviews. If you are satisfied with what you see, hire them. Choose a well-known and experienced company in the market. Explain your requirements clearly and in detail to be confident about the outcome.

5. Test, test, test

Testing is essential for any application. Make sure the testing process is conducted on various devices, be it Apple or Android. To develop a mobile application for any iPhone or Android device without bugs, choose the old phone models and new ones to ensure your application’s smooth flow in any conditions. Moreover, it can help you extend the target user audience. Thorough testing can improve the user experience, which raises the application rating leading to download number growth.

 6. Integrate analytic tools

Employing such instruments in your app will help you see its progress and its possible faults. You will be able to monitor the download number, user engagement, and retention for your application. No need to worry that it may cost too much —there are lots of free analytical tools available in the market, such as Flurry.

7. Advertise your app

The key to making a new app cost-effective is promoting. Let people know that you have developed a flawless brand-new app. The question of how to develop an app has equal importance to the question of how to promote an app. If you’re just starting advertising an app, the main point is to convince the users. You should be prepared for the fact that most users already employ other apps to fulfill certain needs. So you need to make the most use of marketing. Even top-quality apps need marketing aid. Surprise your users with unique features and convenience.

8. Request user feedback

Collect user feedback through surveys and interviews, connecting the users regularly. The simple way to do it is by sending emails or in-app messages with a polite request about how they use your application. Don’t ask whether they enjoy using your app; ask HOW they are using it. It is essential to ask for possible improvements. Then compare your expectations with the real experience. Detect the mismatches and decide the solutions for them.

 9. Upgrade your application constantly

Good app development means not only developing it but making it competitive for a long time. Use analytical tools and user feedback to find and remove the weak points. Take the criticism positively. Be grateful that somebody is willing to make your application better. Show the users that you are constantly adding new features and removing bugs. Keep up with the latest market tendencies. Over time, your simple and useful app will become the most popular in your niche.

To summarize

Developing an app is a challenging business. It is easy to make a simple application, but it is much more difficult to make an excellent one. The first thing you should consider is the user’s needs. Make sure you fulfill all their high and constantly changing requirements. Use such instruments as analytical tools, reviews, and marketing to make your application top-notch. Convenient design, excellent flow, top features, and constant upgrades – this is the code to success and cost-efficiency.

Define what stage you are now and make the best of the next step. Before you know it, you’ll have an impact. We wish you good luck and have fun making your app!

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