How to Keep The Screen of Your Phone Protected?


The screens of smartphones are robust enough to withstand the grinds of daily use. Most of the time, the screens can handle the minor falls, unmindful bumps against hard surfaces, and even scratches. However, accidents happen and the screens of the smartphones get cracked or suffer from other damages. If you want to keep the screen of your cell phone protected from these accidents, you should follow the tips of the professionals of iPhone repair in Toronto. These following tips will help you to keep your phone safe.

Touch properly

This point seems a bit silly, however, this is the first factor that you should keep in mind to save your phone screen from damages. While using the phone, you should make sure to touch the screen only with the proper instruments. Most of the mobile phones are created for use with your finger or a stylus. Never use a pencil, pen, stick or any other devices to operate your phone. Otherwise, you might have to go to the professionals in search of a new screen.

Don’t Tap and Go

In the olden days or ’90s, the phones tend to work on a single tap or burst of air to get started again. Those tricks do not work anymore. Now, to make sure your phone is working right, you have to go to the professionals of iPhone repair in Toronto. So, instead of giving your phone impromptu taps or nudges, you should take your phone to a professional to make sure that your phone is not malfunctioning.

Limited Sun Exposure

When it comes to the lives of the plants and animals, the sun plays a huge part. However, the sunlight is not that beneficial for your smartphone. Just as prolonged sun exposure can damage your skin, it can damage your smartphone as well. If you keep your smart device in direct sunlight for a long time, the heat can very well damage the hardware of the device and make your phone start malfunctioning. It can also damage the sensitivity of the screen of your smart device. If you don’t want that to happen, you should keep your smartphones out of the direct sunlight.

The charges of pent up sparks and static electricity can mess with any electrical devices. However, you should be extra careful when it comes to your phone. A sudden spark of electricity or the passing of electricity between devices can not only damage the circuits of your phone, but also crack the screen of your device. Sometimes, such electrical surges can even burn your phone down.

Operate According to Specs

It is very easy to keep your phone on the table without turning off the screen and forgetting all about it. While periodic forgetfulness like these is not that harmful, you should make sure not to keep your phone on idle for a longer period. If you keep your phone idle while keeping the screen of your device on, it burns the inside of the device. So, right after purchasing the phone, you should switch on the auto sleep feature of the phone right away.

According to the professionals of iPhone repair in Toronto, this simple step can not only offer a longer lifespan to your device but also help you to keep the health of your device at an optimal level.

Clean with Care

Your phone is nothing but a piece of delicate mobile technology encased in a hard exterior. That means you have to use the proper tools and devices if you intended to clean your mobile phone properly. Liquid soaps, detergents, and hand soaps are not the right cleaners to keep your mobile phone clean. They can damage the device if you use them for cleaning the phone.

Use the piece of cloth that you use to clean your eyeglasses or an electronic cleaning cloth to clean your phone gently. If you think that your phone is dirty enough to warrant a cleaning with liquid cleaners, make sure to use the ones that are approved ones.

Use Cover and Screen Protector

Using a screen protector to keep the screen away from damages and scratches is the most common method for protecting the smart devices. These protectors not only keep the screen of your phone scratch-free but also protect it from getting shattered in case of hard falls. The protective screens are quite affordable and easily available almost everywhere. There are high-end glass screen protectors that can maintain the luxurious look of your phone without causing any actual damage to it.

So, these are some of the basic tips that you need to follow to maintain the health of your phone screen. If you feel anything amiss with your smart device, don’t hesitate to call.

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