How to Get Better at COD: Warzone

Call of Duty: Warzone is the best game on the market currently. It has truly revolutionised the Call of Duty game, gaining quick popularity from loyal fans. Available on Xbox, Playstation and PC, whatever your console of choice, this game is sure to be a hit with gamers, especially if you have enjoyed the prelude games from the Call of Duty franchise. However, since its release earlier this year, many users have been attempting to compile a list of hints and tips to how best to succeed in the game.

Call of Duty: Warzone has a number of new features that make a difference to the tactics needed to succeed. It’s important to understand the subtle differences in the Warzone game, and get to know the nuances to fully immerse yourself in this new level of gaming. If you are aiming to really level up your game on COD: Warzone, one of the quickest and simplest ways is to obtain COD: Warzone points. These points will not only allow you to enjoy the Call of Duty experience more fully, by unlocking the newest skins, weapons, blueprints, but consequently, these additions will allow you to progress faster and more smoothly through the levels on the game. In addition to buying COD: Warzone points, there are a number of tricks you can use to improve your game.

1. Ping Whatever You Can

This one may seem obvious, but by pinging your squad whenever you can, you are allowing them to see what you are looking at. By sharing as much information as possible, you are increasing your squad’s knowledge, and therefore maximising their potential for success.

2. Share your Resources

One of the great aspects of COD: Warzone is the encouragement of selfless play. If you find yourself with an abundance of cash or plates, and you have plenty, you should consider dropping them for your squad if you are aware that you are running low. This team-motivated approach may feel contradictory at first, but will definitely help your team in the long-run.

3. Pick up Contracts Where Possible

Contracts are a great way to pick up cash around the map without waiting for a loadout drop. Contracts fall into four different categories: Most Wanted, Bounties, Recon and Scavenger. Each category requires a different approach and skillset but the rewards can be very useful. A bounty, for example, rewards you even if someone else kills the target. It’s a win-win.

4. Change up the way you use your Parachute

You can maximise your parachute drop using a hack that was discovered pretty soon after the initial drop. While you are falling to the map, you can use your parachute to glide slowly into a landing, or alternatively, you can pop your cord to dive quickly. The great thing about this hack, is that you can actually cut the cord of your parachute, and pop it back open as many times as you like. While your parachute is not active, you can also draw your pistol making it easier to shoot enemies falling, and gain an initial advantage this way.

5. Prioritise Loadout Drops

In addition to contracts, you can get your hands on an abundance of goodies via Loadout Drops. These offer loads of customised weapons and equipment for your squad to use, and can give you a real advantage in the field. It’s also a great motivator. By accessing a loadout drop at the right time, you allow your team to have an extra boost that could potentially change the result of the game.

       6. Vary the size of your squad

Obviously, having less people in your squad may initially present a disadvantage. However, season 3 of COD: Warzone has seen a renewed ability to alter your squad size to suit you. If you are constantly feeling like you are excluding a friend, Season 3 if COD: Warzone means you can invite a fourth team-mate to the squad. Alternatively, if you dislike playing with others online, who you may not already know, you can try playing with a smaller squad, which can increase your skill set in other ways by trialling you and your team in a more stressful situation.


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