How to Decide Which Game to Play


Gaming is a huge industry attracting people of all ages and from all walks of life. For anyone looking in from the outside, it can be very complex and hard to decide where to get started. There are so many games on the market today to make it that much harder to decide which one to play.


With a range of devices to play on and each with different games aimed at different player levels, it is best to start with what you already have. Devices range from smartphones all the way up to custom-built gaming PCs. The Magnavox Odyssey was the first gaming console to connect to a TV, released way back in 1972. Since then, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have come to dominate the at-home gaming experience. Updated “classics” have been reissued for modern TVs from the likes of Atari, Nintendo and even a smaller version of the Playstation One. Each pre-loaded with classic games. There’s even hand-held consoles from some of the major players in the video game industry.

Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming has been around longer than smartphones. There’s games beyond Snake these days. It is as simple as installing an app and signing up. has a range of free games from sophisticated RPGs to simpler strategy games. Play games, earn Soul Gems and exchange for real-world prizes, which is a lot better than the drain on the finances offered by the consoles. Be careful to stick to the WiFi though, unless you have unlimited 4G/5G as data costs can add up. A mobile phone or tablet isn’t going to take up any extra space in your home either.


Video gaming costs can add up, especially when “live” packages are added for chatting and streaming. That’s after the cost of the basic hardware. Some of the biggest games start at £50 for the download or disc. If that sounds too expensive or too complex, especially if you haven’t played since the Megadrive, mobile gaming is the better option.


Modern games can be streamed with a strong enough WiFi signal. Streaming isn’t just for phones and tablets, some of the big players in the console market offer it too. Not all games can be streamed though.


Gaming can have a social aspect to it, but it doesn’t have to. Most modern games, whether for console, hand-held or mobile device have chat options. Some games have real-world tournaments. Other games aren’t as social and can be played entirely alone.

Choosing the Game

Gaming has come a very long way since the first consoles hit the market. Gaming is meant to be a relaxing way to unwind but with hidden costs and the complexity of some games, it can soon become stressful. Look at what devices you already have. There’s no reason to go buy a new one. Decide how much you want to spend, if you want to spend at all. Select the complexity. There are games for everyone.

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