How to Create a VR Las Vegas Booth That Generates Leads


Las Vegas is a city known for gambling. However, when one walks into the Linq on the Vegas strip, they will immediately realize they’ve not only stepped into a casino but also a series of a living-room-like lounge having leather couches, TVs, big screens and Oculus Go VR headsets. In the middle of the famous casino city lies virtual reality bays equipped with high-end VR projectors, headsets and transparent walls. And just like a craps table draws people on a typical casino floor, the VR stations are designed to draw crowds. Company owners who want to create VR Las Vegas booths that can generate leads can do that by:

1. Curating games that tie themes

Having a VR booth is fun and exciting, but having booths that tie the theme of one’s company or event takes a brand to the next level. Companies need to have an extensive library of entertainment options that are designed to showcase new experiences and worlds that can be curated into events. They also need to offer customized VR experiences that entertain guests, and keep their brand on their heads long after they have taken off the headset.

2. Encouraging high-engagement competition

Friendly competition can draw crowds more than many other things. Companies need to raise the stakes at their VR booths by giving guests prizes that will get the highest score at the end of the event. Besides, they also need to set up leaderboards to track high scores and encourage competition. Lastly, they need to culminate the event with a playoff game that will be the talk of the town.

3. Branding the Virtual Reality booths for maximum impact

A company’s aim should be to align their brand with a memorable experience that guests will remember for years. To do this, they need to create games, customized experiences and brand local content in all the aspects of the Virtual Reality experience. Potential brand placement options they can use include:

  • Headset branding
  • Background signage
  • Table signage
  • TV brand exposure
  • Customized branded 360 videos and experiences
  • Brand placement within a VR experience
  • Unique VR branded giveaways
4. Encouraging Fun

The best part of a VR is the fun created through watching and playing. The eye-catching spectacle of someone petting a blue whale or slicing fruit with a ninja sword can immediately grab the attention of passing trade show spectators.


The benefits of a VR should not end with just giving guests fun experiences but should also be used as a conversion tool. When planning a virtual reality booth for the next event, convention, conference, trade show or brand activation, a company needs to curate their games and encourage high engagement completion. Branding their VR’s and encouraging fun can also be important in generating leads.

As soon as the guests take the headsets off their heads, they may be eager to share their virtual reality experience with the company. As the host, that’s the opportunity to dialogue with them and generate leads for the growth of the business.

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