How to choose a professional quadrocopter?


When buying a toy or a professional drone, it is important to weigh all the features of each model correctly. In one case, flight speed matters, in the other, the duration of operation on one charge is important, in the third -the quality of shooting and smoothing of vibrations in the frame.The more detailed you describe the criteria that are important for the acquisition, the easier it will be to choose a specific model.

Typically, difficulties arise for those buyers who are considering how to choose the first quadrocopter. Just look at the latest product rating in your price segment and select the optimal competitor with the desired technical characteristics. To successfully buy a quadcopter, you need to consider several important factors.

Brand selection – how to determine the best option?

The buyer is often faced with the fact that the names of copters are not at all heard. Well-known electronics manufacturers do not particularly compete with drone manufacturers, so specific brands are waiting for you here. Do not give preference to companies that produce cheap products. Very often, these are just fakes, which already during the third flight will begin to behave inappropriately.

When choosing a brand, consider these features:

  • Assortment -it is important that the company has many models of various drones;
  • Price range -the basis should be middle and high class goods at a cost;
  • Reviews -read the opinions of experts and owners about this manufacturer before choosing;
  • Technology -do not choose the simplest options with commonplace features and bad cameras.

Among the leading brands it is worth noting SwellPro (waterproof products), Parrot and DJI also holy stone hs720 review. There are also products from other reliable companies, but these three brands occupy leading positions in almost all segments of the drone market. If you are looking for the best quadcopter with a camera, it’s worth looking at these options.

Rating of models for beginners

From a large assortment, it is sometimes difficult to choose a suitable model for a beginner. You may not know important data about the required technical specifications, battery parameters. Therefore, you should choose one of the recommended options. An example is a small rating of low-cost models for novice pilots.

Top rated drones:

  • DJI Mavic Air. A relatively inexpensive technological option with a high flight speed, built-in camera, compact size.
  • Parrot AR.Drone. The device without unnecessary functions, but with the possibility of retrofitting various branded accessories in the future.
  • Ryze Tello A great choice for those who want to independently create programs for choosing flight modes of the copter.
  • SwellPro Spry. Almost professional model, fully protected from moisture. You can shoot in the rain and not be afraid of breakdowns.
  • Parrot Bebop Drone 2. The second generation of the cult model, the device makes it possible to shoot excellent clear video.

This list fully answers the question of which quadrocopter is better to choose for beginners. Some models from the list can be called budget. Other options belong to the middle price class. More expensive products should be bought after you have compiled a list of personal optimal characteristics of the drone.

What characteristics should I look for?

There is a list of important parameters that should be evaluated when buying a copter. You can not focus only on the characteristics;it is important to consider a set of factors. For example, buy only the model that is designed for your industry. In this case, you can use the drone without restrictions. For a beginner, it makes no sense to buy a device with a night vision camera or other expensive devices.

Important universal characteristics for selection:

  • •Range of controlled flight -determines the radius of operation with the distance from the console;
  • A set of programs -the better the software, the more confident the flight will be;•Case material -choose products from durable polymers, aluminum frames or other metallized materials;
  • Preparation for use in the rain -it is necessary to protect the copter from possible precipitation during the flight;
  • Flight duration on one battery charge, as well as the capacity of the built-in battery in the basic version;
  • Camera availability -pay attention to the settings of the built-in shooting device so as not to regret the purchase;
  • Type of control -you can buy a product with the simplest remote control or FPV glasses for a unique feeling.

Many forum participants ask how to choose a quadrocopter with a camera. You have two options: buy a version with a pre-installed camera or with a mount for a separate GoPro camera or other types. There are also options with a holder for a smartphone, but this is not the best solution. It is better to choose the built-in camera carefully so as not to make a mistake with the selection. Changing it in the future will be problematic.

Where to buy a reliable quadrocopter?

Use the services of iDrone. This is an online store of quadrocopters, which offers products of famous brands with an official guarantee. With the help of simple filters by purpose, brand, professional functions and price, you can select several optimal models and read their detailed description. For a successful selection, contact the store’s specialists – call managers and get advice.

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