How to Catch a Cheater Without Them Knowing

If you’ve seen your partner acting funny and can’t think of a reason why they are probably cheating. Still, there’s a tiny possibility your spouse may be going through a dark patch. That’s why you should never judge before knowing the whole story.

Most people use Spyier for investigation when faced with such a situation. It has worked for millions of users in 190+ countries, with most of them leaving positive reviews.

So, we decided to take a deep dive into Spyier’s service to see if they are worth your time and money. Here’s what we found out.

What is Spyier?

Spyier is one of the best monitoring apps in the market right now. It gives users access to Android and iOS phones by working stealthily in the background – the target will never know you are watching their every move. Imagine having the power to know someone’s location in real-time, reading all their messages, and accessing their browser history. That’s what Spyier brings to the table.

This spy tool has been around for quite some time, and it has caught the attention of major publications such as the PC World, The New York Times, and iGeeksBlog. That means they are doing something right.

Why Do People Like Using Spyier?

The reason is simple, Spyier gives you the power to be the fly on the wall. Meaning, you see everything the target phone does, and they will never guess you are listening. You will also know the target’s location in real-time and even get alerts when entering or leaving pre-set areas. This info alone could cost you a fortune when working with private detectives.

Simplicity is also one of the reasons people keep coming back to Spyier. They have a user-friendly website that makes monitoring a breeze. Everything sits neatly in one row, complete with helpful notifications that go straight to your email when there’s something to report. Whether you’re a concerned parent or a worried partner, this app will quickly solve all your trust issues.

Why is Spyier the Best App to Catch a Cheater?

Spyier dives deep into the target’s messages, call logs, and location data to give you a comprehensive report. That ensures you never pay for features you’ll never use, something that happens more often than you think. Some spy apps have over 150 features, which they use to squeeze more money out of you.

That said, here are all the features you’ll need to catch a cheating partner:

Call Tracking: Spyier offers you a record of every incoming and outgoing call made to the target phone. The report comes complete with time stamps and the contact details of the person on the other end. That allows you to notice any abnormalities that justify further investigation.

SMS Tracking: See what your partner sends or receives on SMS. Read their chats and view any photos or videos exchanged with contacts. You will also see the profile picture and phone number of the contact person in the report.

Social Media Tracking: See what your partner’s contacts are sending or receiving from your target phone. This app stores text, photos, and videos then displays them in the dashboard. However, you only get to see previews of the videos to minimize background data usage.

Location Tracking: Track the location history of your partner without them knowing. This feature uses GPRS to pinpoint locations within a 20-meter radius, even when offline. It sends this location trail to your dashboard immediately after the phone comes online.

Keylogger: This feature will keep track of all keystrokes on the target device. That gives you access to some of their hidden dating sites, black hat forums, and other toxic online communities. You will see the username and passwords for these sites so you can look around to see what they’ve been doing.

Installing Spyier on Target Phone

Getting started with Spyier takes anywhere between 5 to 10 minutes. And it begins with a free sign-up that leads you to the options page. While you are here, it is worth noting the annual subscription plan is cheaper than the short term options, so choose wisely.

After payment, the website sends you to a download page. That is the link you need to open with the target phone. You can also download the 2MB file on another device then send it to your target device.

The Android operating system might not allow you to install apps from unknown sources. If this happens, contact support on live chat, and they should help you bypass this security feature in less than three minutes. They will show you how to tweak Android settings slightly, which is nothing compared to rooting or jailbreaking your target phone.

When the installation process starts, the app will ask for several permissions. Agree with everything, and the app should be up and running in no time.

You will never have to touch the target phone again after this initial setup.

How to Access Your Data

After installing the Spyier app on the target device, visit and use your email and password to log into the dashboard. And you’ll see a bold menu on the left with all your options in it.

Clicking on “Call Tracking” takes you to a page with all incoming and outgoing calls on the target device. You will also see the call duration and timestamp for every entry on the record. The same applies to every tab you see in that list.

The Takeaway

Spyier is one of the best applications to track cheating partners in the market right now. It keeps a clean record of all their calls, messages, and location history, which is pretty much everything you need to bust a cheater. Anything else included in the package is just a bonus.

However, it is worth noting that spying on someone without consent can land you in trouble. So it’s important to go with a tool that delivers the highest level of secrecy and security for the user and the target device.

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