How to Cancel Subscriptions on iPhone & iPad


How to Cancel Subscriptions on iPhone

Have you ever wondered how to cancel subscriptions from an iPhone or iPad? It’s pretty easy once you learn how. If you use an iPhone or iPad, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve subscribed to some services that require you to pay on a monthly or annual basis. These may include streaming music and video services, cloud storage services, and a lot more like Netflix, Apple Music, iCloud, Apple Arcade, and Disney+ to name a few.

Often these various subscription services give the user an incentive to subscribe by offering a free trial period. Several users just end up subscribing because it’s free and forget about it, without realizing the fact that their credit cards would get charged automatically once the trial period is over. Some of these various subscription services also don’t give you an option to unsubscribe directly within their respective apps, and that’s part of what can make this process confusing.

Well, if you’re one of those people who no longer wants to subscribe to a particular service, or who got charged for a service you’re not interested in paying for any longer, or perhaps you simply just want to learn how to unsubscribe in order to avoid such a situation, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll be discussing how you can cancel subscriptions like Apple TV+, Disney+, Apple Arcade and more, right on your iPhone & iPad.

How to Cancel Subscription Services on iPhone & iPad

The reason why users can’t always unsubscribe to a service within its respective application is because of the usage of Apple’s payment gateway. However, this also allows you to be able to manage subscriptions in one place, in addition to making the payments more secure, and that makes it easy to cancel and end subscriptions too. Let’s get straight to the procedure and see how cancelation of various subscriptions works in iOS and iPadOS:

  1. Open “Settings” app from the home screen of your iPhone or iPad.

    iOS Settings Icon

  2. In the Settings menu, tap on your “Apple ID Name” located right above the Airplane mode toggle.

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  3. Once you’re in the Apple ID section, tap on “Subscriptions” as shown in the screenshot below.

    How to Cancel Subscriptions on iPhone

  4. Here, you’ll be able to manage all your active and inactive subscriptions. Simply tap on any of the active subscriptions that you’re no longer willing to paying for.

    How to Cancel Subscriptions on iPhone

  5. This is the Edit Subscription menu, where you could switch between different subscription tiers, if available. Since you want to unsubscribe, just tap on “Cancel Subscription”.

    How to Cancel Subscriptions on iPhone

  6. You’ll now be prompted to confirm your action with a message saying that you’d still be able to access the service until your next billing date after cancellation. Tap on “Confirm” to unsubscribe. Upon doing this, your billing date now becomes the expiry date.

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That’s about it, you can manage subscriptions and cancel them easily that way.

You don’t have to worry about your credit card getting automatically charged
now that you’ve cancelled the unnecessary subscriptions.

If at any point you feel like resubscribing, you could simply head over to the same menu and choose any one of the subscription tiers.

Depending on the service, you could even switch to a monthly, 6-month, or annual subscription plan as well.

Managing subscriptions might be a necessity for services that offer a free trial. Apple’s own Apple Music, Apple TV+ streaming service, arcade game subscription service, Apple News+ service, come with free trials as well, so you might want to unsubscribe from them before the next billing date if you’re not interested in continuing the particular subscription. Managing all your subscriptions in one place might be a lot more convenient than we give credit for, but it may also confuse relatively new users to an extent when they browse through the app trying to find the unsubscribe option and don’t locate what they’re after (at least with some of the subscription apps). Perhaps there will be additional options to cancel subscriptions directly within the various apps and services at some point in the future too.

Have you cancelled any of the subscriptions to services you once used, or used with a trial, or just don’t really need? Do you find managing your subscriptions from Apple ID settings a lot more convenient than doing it within the respective apps? Do let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section down below.

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