How to Bypass Geo Restrictions and Location Errors for Netflix

Geo-blocking takes place due to different reasons. It may be following copyright issues, licensing, or even government decisions to ban content. Whichever the reason, you may still want to access banned content, for instance, on Netflix. And that’s when you’ll need to change Netflix region.

When the message warning you of your restriction from certain content pops up, you’d often get annoyed. This is especially the case if you really anticipated that show or movie. But there’s a way to go around this geo-block when you change Netflix region or use alternative means.

What are Geo Restrictions and Location Errors

Before we go deeper into how you can change Netflix region, let’s handle the basics first. For starters, geo-blocking is a way of limiting access to certain content based on a person’s geographical positioning.

Most video streaming platforms utilize this technology, and it’s not just Netflix. For streaming, it normally narrows down to copyrights and licensing. In rare cases will you witness a government decision to ban content from the country – though it can still happen.

Netflix has a distinct library of content for different countries. Depending on the agreement made by the producers and the Netflix company, the content may be limited in some regions. Netflix doesn’t fully own every content they display on their platform, thus, don’t have any other choice.

As for the case with government bans or censorships, it may seem outrageous or oppressive. However, even democratic governments censor content from time to time. According to research studies, over 60 countries carry out censorships on content airing or coming into their territories.

How Geo Restrictions Work

Geo-restrictions work by tracking the IP address of every computer. This internet protocol address displays your real-time location. It’s more like your home address. Since your internet service provider assigns the IP address, they can tell where you are, what you’re doing online, and the devices you’re using.

How to Bypass Geo-Restrictions to Change Netflix Region

When you have that important show you want to follow, bypassing any present geo-restrictions is important. Using a VPN is the safest and best way to use for bypassing geo-restrictions. With it, you can easily change Netflix region.

It works by masking your real IP address and substitutes it with another from a foreign territory. Getting a VPN is not as expensive as many think it is. In fact, there are even free VPN providers online. However, we don’t advise you to change Netflix region using free VPNs. They are easily detected by Netflix, and also don’t have sufficient bandwidth. And you do know, probably, that bandwidth is of great value when you’re streaming. In case it is limited, then the streaming experience won’t be as good too.

Once you locate the right VPN to use, download it, and install it on your device. The registration process is simple and direct, and you can connect to the servers right afterward.

Avoid Price Discrimination When You Change Netflix Region

Do you know that certain regions pay more to use Netflix than others? So, aside from simply allowing you to view content, a VPN can help you avoid this type of discrimination. It’s widely practiced across different industries, and you can avoid it when you change Netflix region.

Bypassing Geo Restrictions and Location Errors through Proxy Servers

Using proxy servers is another great way to change Netflix region. A proxy server is like a mediator between you and the website you’re trying to reach. When you connect to the internet using a proxy server, it assigns a different IP address to you. This it does before redirecting you to the site you want to go to, like Netflix.

When you want to get through blocks from websites, proxies can really come in handy. However, the only catch is that they aren’t as secure and effective as VPNs are. The main reason or difference is that a VPN protects all of the traffic that goes through your device.

Also, another problem to note with using proxies is that they only operate within the borders of the application or website. There are lots of free proxies on the internet, but you do know what ‘free’ gives you.

Using Tor Browser to Change Netflix Region

The infamous Tor browser has gained usage all over the world due to its ability to bypass geo-restrictions. It works just like any other browser when streaming, only that it can change Netflix region.

Tor is a great site to watch stuff from any part of the world on Netflix. The only problem with using it to change Netflix region is that it doesn’t offer much security. At least not as much as what you’d get using a VPN. It’s quite easy for your ISP to detect Tor browser. And since the site already has some bad reputation, any website becomes suspicious of your activities. Besides, Tor is annoyingly slow due to its design.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, folks! The decision on which way to go when you want to change Netflix region lies in your space. Choose the method that you’re most confident and comfortable with.


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