How To Build A City Guide App For Travelers


In today’s mobile era, lots of new ways are open for travel management agencies. Through mobile apps, it has become easy to reach customers. Lots of things are possible today that was even hard to think. From choosing the conveyance to booking a ride, everything is now in your mobile device.

According to Statista, “The digital travel sales are $564.87 Bn globally. And the number of people travelling from India to other nations is 25 Million”.

With these stats, a travel service company can easily understand the importance of having a mobile app.

There is a wide array of elements that need to be considered while developing the city travel guide app and make it profitable for your business. Let’s start the journey to know the features and motives of a city guide travel app.

Main goals of the city app

  • Transport tips
  • Provide the full info to the travellers about the city and main cynosure of the city.
  • Provide info of intriguing events in the city
  • Weather Analysis
  • It should provide a hotel booking service
  • Mapping of routes and directions via both online and offline modes

The benefits of going mobile

There are lots of benefits of the city guide travel app. It not only engages the customers with the app but also helps them to get complete information about the city. Let’s check the benefits of the city guide travel app:

  • Attract new customers
  • Diminish traveller friction
  • Improve the brand’s identity
  • Keep travellers engaged with your service
  • Keep the policy
  • Reduce service costs
  • Help businesses to reduce their duty
  • Increase revenue

Types of city apps

  • Real-time journey planner app
  • Dining guide app
  • Travel planner app
  • City sightseeing app
  • City events app

So, how to build a city guide travel app. Here is the guide.

       1. Multi-Language Feature

Travellers generally face the challenge of language while travelling. However, it can become easy for them if your app has a multi-language feature. Not only local but also foreign language is vital to include. Developers always keep in mind to include the globally used language in the travel app.

       2. Easy to Use Interface

User interface and user experience both are the most vital element behind the success of an application. The design and interface of the app are the centre-point as they help users to interact with the app. The city guide app should offer quick information instead of lengthy information to its users.

       3. Online and Offline Support

The city guide app should provide the desired service in both modes online and offline. Because it is not necessary that travellers will have internet connectivity everywhere. So, to help them in this situation and provide them with the information, your app should have offline support.

       4. Information about Parking Places

Parking is a big issue, and it is increasing daily, especially in big cities. So, it would be conducive to the travellers if your app provides information on parking places to them. Including the information on places you also have to give the details of the charges.

       5. Details of Necessary Contact Number

Providing details of emergency contact numbers is a must need. Your city guide app must have contacts of taxi agencies, hospitals, police station, ambulance and other emergency services.

       6. Weather Report

Weather reports help the tourist to decide their visit to the places. So, the app must provide real-time weather information to the users. It will assist them in deciding the time to go out. It is very often thing that every user checks before going for travel.

       7. GPS Navigation

If your app has GPS navigation feature, then they can quickly get the right directions for their move. With this facility, the users can also get the info of nearby places and the shortest routes. It saves time and makes their trip very smooth.

       8. Quick Response and Easy Filter

Travellers always desire to get a fast response to their queries. Therefore, your app should have minimum load time and quick response time. If your app fails to offer a quick response to its users, then there is a high chance that they will delete your app from their mobile. The quick response of an app to its users removes the dead loops and engages the users for a long time.

To make the quick response app more efficient, you can add filters in your app. With the search filters, travels can get more relevant results and save time.

       9. Reviews and Recommendations

It is a necessary feature that every mobile app must-have. Help your users to give their reviews and recommendations. It will also help you know the deficiencies of your app and improve the app performance.

Wrap Up

The city guide app assists travellers in different manners. It saves their time, money and enables them to get the right information via their mobile devices. Such apps make travelling very easy. Travel apps are the most recommended and adopted way by tourists. So, understand the needs of today’s travellers and start developing your city guide app.


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Twinkle is a Content Crafter at Webs Optimization Software Solution, an iPhone app development company.  Being an avid blogger she enjoys sharing her thoughts through words.  When she is not working, she enjoys travel adventures and reading literary masterpieces.

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