How to activate dark mode on Gmail?


Since the arrival of iOS 13 and Android, your smartphone has benefited from a completely new dark mode, on several applications. But, despite its extreme popularity on both operating systems, Gmail was one of the last major applications to receive this new adapted color scheme.


Dark mode for Gmail is available on computer and smartphone (with a few caveats, as we’ll explain a bit below), and there are plenty of reasons to try it. First, Google research indicates that darker pixels consume considerably less energy. Which means that dark mode for Gmail should make your battery last a little longer between charges. Even if you spend a lot of time on the messaging app.


You may also find the dark design more pleasing to your retinas than the default Gmail version. It offers more contrast between read and unread messages, which makes it easier to manage your inbox.


Google has taken an enormous amount of time to develop this new functionality. This meticulous care really shows, in our opinion. 


How to activate Gmail dark mode on your computer?


To activate Gmail dark mode on your computer, go to and click on the “Settings” icon (in the shape of a gear), located at the top right under your profile photo. Select “Themes”, then scroll through the different themes available. Then click on the black thumbnail (the “Dark” label appears when you hover over it).


How to activate Gmail dark mode on your Android smartphone?


First, make sure you have the latest version of the Gmail app by going to the dedicated page in the Google Play Store and looking for the “Update” button. If the button does not appear, you are well prepared.


If the dark theme of Android 10 is activated, the application should automatically switch to its new look. Otherwise, you can activate it manually by clicking on the menu icon in the top left, then scrolling to the “Settings” option, and tapping “General settings”. Here you can change the Gmail theme to light, dark or default. 


Dark mode is unfortunately not available if you are using Android Pie or an earlier version of the operating system. But you can still use Gmail in dark mode by going to in a browser with dark mode enabled. This option for Android and Firefox preview is available in Chrome.


How to activate Gmail dark mode in iOS?


Dark mode for Gmail iOS has been available since autumn 2019. If you have downloaded iOS 13, the Gmail app has automatically set dark mode. If you are still on iOS 11 or 12, you will need to go to the settings of your mobile device. And directly activate the dark theme.


Otherwise, open your Gmail application, press the hamburger menu (the three horizontal bands), select “Settings”, then “Theme” and choose “Dark”.


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