How I Made My Old Laptop Like New With Xtra-PC!    

For regular work, a slow pc can create frustration and irritation. Buy Xtra-pc for speedup, virus-free, hassle-free, and keep your computer protected.

Over time, my PC becomes slower. It makes me so irritated because I can’t focus on my work properly. I have repaired my pc and also updated it, but nothing works. Then I heard about Xtra-pc for speedup my computer. After that, I have done my research and decided to purchase the Xtra-PC.

Trust me, with a single click it started working on my pc. Till now, I never face any malware attack, virus, or slowing down issue on my pc. In this article, I will talk about my experience with Xtra-PC.

What is Xtra-PC?

It is nothing but a small, powerful, and handy USB stick. That allows for speeding up and making the computers more efficient. It can work properly without any hard drive.

You just have to plug this small thumb drive into the computer’s USB port. Then it will bypass the Linux operating system into your pc. That makes the pc like a newly bought one.

Xtra-PC works with any computer (such as Mac or Windows), notebook, laptop, and desktop.

Types of Xtra-PC

Xtra-PC comes in three different sizes, speed, and capacity. As per your requirement choose the perfect one.

Xtra-PC Turbo 16

This is the basic model among the three models. It comes with 16GB storage and provides enough speed for surfing, playing, watching videos, and downloading files.

Xtra-PC Turbo 32

The most popular model is the Xtra-PC Turbo 32. It provides 32GB storage with extra benefits. This model offers you faster speed with larger memory capacity.

Xtra-PC Pro

This is the pro version that comes with 64GB memory. It allows uninterrupted web surfing, video watching, downloading, and double the speed. With Xtra-PC pro you will get FileRez software. It is beneficial for restoring the deleted or lost files from the old pc.

How I Made My Old Laptop Like New with Xtra-PC?

It is super easy to use. I will explain the step by step process. Keep reading-

Step 1: Plug the Xtra-PC into the USB port.

Step 2: Then, a window will appear on the screen or in the application bar of the pc.

Step 3: After that, install the program.

And it’s done. You can change the slow pc by simply following these three steps. It magically turns my old computer into a new one. My PC became a super-fast.

Remember one thing, Xtra-PC will work when it is connected to your pc. When you disconnect it, the pc will work as before.

Features of Xtra-PC

Without any technician’s help, you can solve all the issues of the pc with Xtra-PC. It not only speeds up the pc but also does many other things. These are some core features that Xtra-PC provides.

Works with a hard drive

It’s absolutely fine if your pc doesn’t have any hard drive. Xtra-PC can run smoothly without any hard drive. It just needs a USB port of all the model’s pc and laptop to connect with.

Operating system

Xtra-PC has an already installed OS, that is, Linux operating system. When you connect this device, it bypasses Linux OS through the USB port to your computer. It will help to boost up the old pc. You can use this new operating system without affecting your previous files, documents, or previous OS.

FileRez software

With Xtra-PC pro, you will get this software. If mistakenly or because of system damage your photos, videos, files and documents got deleted you can restore them. FileRez software will help you to rescue those deleted or lost files from the old pc.

Malware protection

While surfing the web or downloading any games or apps, malware can be found. Different spyware and adware are the main reason for this issue. It can hack all the private information from your pc. Xtra-PC gives the pc protection from this malware. It will prevent your pc from downloading risky files thus, it keeps the pc virus-free.

Easy to function

It allows you to do all the tasks that you did with the old pc before. all previous files and documents will stay as before. With the faster speed, you can do all the work without any interruption.

Benefits of Xtra-PC

From my personal experience, you can experience the below benefits by using Xtra-PC.


Xtra-PC will do all the things that a new pc can do. So, for those people who have any budget issues, this device will save them. It is budget-friendly, much convenient, and also time-consuming.

Easy installation

Its installation process is so easy that the person who has less technical knowledge can easily install it. You will get a manual guideline with this device. That will help you if you feel tough to install it.

Safety of information

With the help of cookies, many site owners can hack your personal information or location. The best thing about Xtra-PC is, it protects your information and activities. With Xtra-PC no one can know your identity, location, or personal information.

Faster speed

This device takes a few minutes to install and run. Its Linux operating system makes the pc like a brand-new pc. After its installation, you will feel the faster speed of your computer instantly.

Stress-free operation

You can browse, watch videos, play games, download files without any hassle by using Xtra-PC. It won’t lag the pc, so you can stay focused on your work. You can use Xtra-PC for other computers or laptops also without any issue.


If you want to speed up your pc without buying a new pc Xtra-PC is the device for you. With Xtra-PC I can browse the internet, listen to songs, watch online videos, play games, do my office job, and many more things.

This small Linux USB drive provides your pc to breathe a new life. Now, my computer works super-fast as it was in the earlier days. This device really works for my computer. It will be worth your money and also will save a lot of money.

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