How Does e-Signature Improve Your Business’ Emails Performance?

The use of e-signature is becoming increasingly popular and for obvious reasons. E-signatures are more secure and faster than the standard way of obtaining a signature. With an e-signature, you do not have to wait endlessly for a recipient to sign a document before you get things done. You do not even need to print any paper for your recipient to sign on.

Simply share your documents with the appropriate person and request that they append their signatures digitally. It makes a lot of business sense because it saves time and minimizes costs, among others. If you have been wondering about the impact of this technology on your email performance and overall business performance, read this post to learn all about it. You can also click here to check out how e-signature works.

What is an e-Signature?

An e-signature is a valid signature that is rendered in a digital format using a digital platform. How does this work? It is very simple. Visit a reputable and trusted e-sign platform, such as Cocosign, and create your e-signature. You can use this signature right on your documents on the site or download it for future use. There are two ways of creating an e-signature.

You can either draw or type it. If you append signature with your initials or by writing your name, you can type it and choose a preferred style from the list of styles and formats that are available at the e-sign website. However, if you have a special way of drawing your signature, you can also do that on the site.

Using your mouse pad, keypad, or stylus pen, you can draw your signature and convert it into any format, such as PDF, PNG, or JPEG. Check here to see how to draw signature online. The best part is that e-signature is considered a legal and valid means of appending a signature on a document.

How Does e-Signature Work?

The best part about using e-signatures is that it is eco-friendly and fast. You do not have to print your documents on paper to send by courier to your recipients. You can simply upload the document on a reputable and trusted e-signature platform like Cocosign and send it to anyone from any part of the world.

The recipients can review the documents, accept the terms of the document, draw or type their signature at the appropriate place on the document, and send it back to you within minutes. Documents are accessed in real-time, which means you can send the same document to multiple people and have them append their signature digitally at the same time.

You can access the document in real-time and see those that have accessed and signed it. This saves you a lot of stress and worries about your document not getting delivered to the appropriate persons. Unlike with traditionally collecting signatures where you have to print stacks of papers and make copies before distributing it through courier, you do not have to worry about all these with e-signature.

This is what makes this option of appending a signature a cost-effective and faster way of getting documents signed. The implication of this on your business email performance is that you do not have to wait for ages to get feedback on your emails. You can get your recipients to take actions in real-time and complete the business deal or contracts within a matter of minutes.

How e-Signature Improves Your Business Email Performance

E-signature is undoubtedly a highly effective business tool for enterprises. With it, it is easier to measure the performance of your business correspondence in real-time. Here are some of the ways that e-signature improves business’ email performance.

  • Eco-Friendly

E-signature is environmentally-friendly as it doesn’t require any print of any kind. It is common knowledge that deforestation is becoming a major concern across the world. Using e-signature instead of the traditional printing of email documents to sign is an honorable way for your business to contribute to the move against deforestation.

When you send emails to recipients, instead of requesting that they print, sign, scan, and upload the document, you can simply request their e-signature. To do this, simply upload your document to a trusted e-signature website and share the link in an email with your recipient. With this, you save on paper and you get a faster response to your email.

  • Speed and Efficiency

If you are familiar with the collection of traditional signatures, you already know how long it can take to get a single one. It can be a long and complicated process that requires printing, copying, delivering, signing, witnessing, and storing. However, with e-signature, all these steps are removed.

You only need to send a document through an email and request the recipient’s e-signature. This is fast and it promotes business efficiency. E-signatures do not require endless waiting for your email recipients to print the documents you have sent to them. They can simply use an e-signature tool to append their signature and send the document right back to you.

  • Minimizes Costs

E-signatures cut off the cost of printing and courier service. According to a recent study, it is estimated that organizations can save almost one billion dollars when they reduce the volume of paper waste by only 1%. Interestingly, paper wastes are generated from printed official documents that require a signature. With e-signature, a significant chunk of this waste will be reduced and costs will be saved.

  • Gives Your Email a Professional Look

Another way that e-signature improves the performance of a business’ email is the professional touch it gives to your email. Instead of signing your email with only your name or initials, including an e-signature in your email makes it more professional. This will have an impact on the image of your business and increase the chances of getting positive actions from your email recipients.


E-signature is a subtle but very powerful tool that can increase the performance of your business emails. It saves time, cost, and is very efficient. It is something every business should invest in.

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