Great Social Media Tips That Will Boost Your Marketing Strategy


Whether you are a newcomer to digital marketing or a veteran, social media is the way to promote your brand. It is very easy to get overwhelmed by the number of social media platforms available. But it is surprisingly easy once you know which ones to use.

Whatever is your stage of development in the marketing world, using social media correctly is the best way to make your brand known to people. Each social media platform has a specific purpose, and you need to deal accordingly.

Tips to Boost Your Marketing Strategy Through Social Media

Using social media efficiently isn’t only about using hashtags, emojis, GIFs, and memes. Successful social media marketers have used intricate strategies to get where they need to be. And if you follow these seven tips, you can too:

#1 Stick to Your Game Plan

You need to formulate a strategy and stick to it. Not having a plan in place will result in going from one day to the next without any direction or goal in sight. You need to have a brainstorming session with your team to decide to set your benchmark.

For instance, you can decide on which are the social media platforms you want to target. How many posts will you add per day? Will you use an ad maker? A good idea is to keep a tab on your competitor’s activities, how much they post, and the nature of the content. Learn this here now.

Start a calendar for your content in a shared file. Get the rest of your team to contribute and try to achieve weekly and monthly targets.

#2 The Value of Commenters

The way your posts are mainly evaluated depends on the type of comments you get. The major social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have algorithms that measure your posts’ level of engagement. So, the more the comments, the better.

You need to be creative in ways and means of engaging your followers to comment. Not only must you be witty and innovative in the content of your comments, but you need to be quick to respond.

It creates discussion threads attracting comments from others. Pay particular attention to trolls. You will receive a lot of acclamation and additional comments if you can confront internet trolls effectively.

#3 Consistency is the Key

You need to be online for several hours each day and engage in specific activities related to your brand’s promotion. You have to log in to your Instagram and Twitter accounts several times a day for maximum audience engagement.

If you can understand how the algorithms work for different platforms, you will have a better grip on the content you post. Decide on when to post your content each day on each particular forum and to which audience.

Once you can create a “timetable” of sorts and follow it religiously, you will find your audience growing. Fall back on this, and there are plenty of others for your audience to go to.

#4 Use Multiple Channels

A couple of decades ago, Facebook was everything. Then, Twitter rose to fame. But today, you will all agree that Instagram rules. We used Google+ regularly, and now it is history. So, in the changing face of social media platforms, we also have to adapt.

Developing a multi-channel approach is an excellent way to go. The trick here is to be able to know the mix that you should apply. What would be the percentage of Instagram to Twitter or Facebook or LinkedIn, for that matter?

Since you will be targeting slightly different audiences on each social media platform, you will need to modify your content accordingly. The type of platform you choose largely depends on your particular requirements.

#5 Treat Each Channel Individually

When dealing with different social media channels, you need to treat each channel as a separate entity. The common factor, of course, is your brand, but the way you project yourself will differ slightly from one channel to another.

If a global business organization has taken over your business, you would want to get that information across to your audience in a particular way. If you have engaging visual content, then Instagram is an ideal platform to showcase it.

Each social media channel has a specific demographic, and you need to post your content, depending on the audience there. Video making software like VideoCreek can help you to create videos consistent with your audience.

#6 Automate Your Posts

By the global nature of internet use, we are compelled to work across time zones. At any given time during the 24 hours of a day, it is daytime somewhere in the world. You cannot be physically available to post content at all times.

There is a particular time every day, that is the best time to post content. Fortunately, several automation tools will publish your posts for you when you are asleep or unable to be physically online to post the content yourself.

When you are working over multiple channels, it isn’t easy to cover every channel effectively. Here too, automation tools can come to your rescue. It gives you a better chance to work online, creating content while earlier content gets posted.

#7 Measuring Your Success

You can get many online and offline analytical tools for monitoring the various parameters like distribution, followers, and audience engagement. How many visitors are visiting your site? Which ones leave and which ones stay, and if so, for how long?

You can get the answers to these questions through analytical tools, and you can decide how successful your strategy is in achieving the outcomes you expected. That way, you can optimize your marketing strategy with this data.

Setting Your Goals According to Your Parameters

Setting your social media goals depends a lot on the parameters that are relevant to you. It is essential that you monitor those parameters to keep track of what is happening and in which direction you are going.

Are you interested in increasing traffic to your site? If so, you need to focus on the traffic through referrals and remarketing, linked to your various social media accounts. Are you looking for conversions? In that case, you need analytical tools.

The key to forming and maintaining an effective marketing strategy is through metrics. You can use several resources for monitoring your metrics like Google Analytics, LinkedIn Company Pages Report, Facebook Analytics, and many more.

Follow the tips provided here, use analytical tools to measure your metrics, and have a marketing strategy that can bring success to your marketing campaigns.

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